Translation of crest in Spanish:


cresta, n.

Pronunciation /krɛst//krɛst/


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    • 1.1

      (of skin) cresta feminine
      (of feathers) penacho masculine
      • Some species have crests or tufts of feathers on their head.
      • Male Ruby-crowned Kinglets have bright red crests (that can vary in color to orange), which can be raised when the bird is excited but which are more often completely hidden.
      • Some males also have elegant ornamentation such as bright throat gorgets, crests and elongated tail feathers.
      • The big birds with their striking red crests and black stripes across their white faces are the largest woodpeckers in North America.
      • If the birds' crests are shown to play a role in communication, then investigators may have a clue as to how ancient casque-bearing dinosaurs interacted.
      • They all had magnificent feather crests on their heads in vivid reds and rich gleaming browns.
      • Here they no longer need to balance their upper bodies on the horse's crest.
      • It has a shallowly forked tail and a slight crest that gives the head a squared-off look.
      • Colourful crests make birds in breeding plumage easy to identify.
      • They are the size of a starling with light brown plumage, red markings round the eyes, a crest and an orange-tipped black tail.
      • Both sexes possess head crests and red-orange bill coloration.
      • Treeswifts can also raise the crest of feathers on their head, a gesture assumed to be a form of communication.
      • The reference is hence again to the bird's movable crest, one of its most striking features.
      • The skull of pangolins is smoothly conical, lacking the ridges and crests found on most mammalian crania.
      • With his crest laid back, the male probes the earth quickly and efficiently using his long, curved bill.
      • The female pokes her head out of the hole to greet her mate, opening the brilliant crest of feathers on her head like a fan.
      • The short crest of the female is often not obvious.
      • The bird has light-colored undersides and a slight crest on its head.
      • It has narrow, angled wings, a deeply forked tail, and a shaggy crest.
      • Bird feathers used in mate attraction may form huge crests, ruffs, or tails: the male peacock tail is a case in point.
      • They have long, conspicuous, forward curving crests on their heads that droop over their eyes and thin, white plumes extending backward from the back of each eye.
      • It was white with long blue-tipped feathers on its crest, wingtips, and tail.

    • 1.2(on helmet)

      cimera feminine
      (of feathers) penacho masculine
      • In the French service they wore helmets with horsehair crests but in Saxony they wore the square-topped national cap of Poland called a czapska.

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    (in heraldry)
    emblema masculine
    divisa feminine
    • Brass stamps of the crests of the noble families were specially cast.
    • The family crest is that of a shield surrounding the palace in Serepta.
    • The tomb bears the family crest, as does the Parr Chapel ceiling.
    • The two ornate crests represented the families of Ivor's grandfather and grandmother respectively.
    • The shoulders are scrunched up while the king is leaning against the family crest above the fireplace.
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    (of wave) cresta feminine
    (of mountain) cima feminine
    • Below in the glittering blue Pacific half a dozen dolphins were playing in the surf, skimming in just below the face of the breakers then flipping out over the crest as the wave broke.
    • Hermes flies like a gull over the crests of waves and arrives at the home of Calypso.
    • He reached the crest of the hill and raised his head above the bushes, and his eyes glittered as he saw what he'd hoped for.
    • You get a specially designed board and ride on the crests of the waves.
    • About half an hour later I saw Tom's hat, bobbing over the crest of the hill, in the driving rain.
    • Ahead, the crest of the hill seemed as distant as ever.
    • Just as the trek started to take its physical toll, we reached the crest of the hill and the Blue Nile Falls appeared in theatrical splendour.
    • As they reached the crest of the hill, they could see the actual site, already cordoned off with yellow tape.
    • Finally, mounting the crest of the hill, they reached the juniper trees.
    • At sea, on the other hand, sailors fear the deadly combination of the wind and the poor visibility caused by spray whipping off the wave crests.
    • For example, if you can position your troops at the crest of a hill or the opposite side of a bridge, your opponent will have a great deal more difficulty in taking you on.
    • Standing on the crest of the hill, illuminated against the morning sun, was a figure clothed in rippling blue-silver robes.
    • She stood there upon the crest of the hill, allowing the light to bathe her.
    • Whitecaps, the bright, wind-driven result of breaking wave crests, have been mostly ignored by climate models.
    • Soon they disappeared over the crest of the hill.
    • Only the soft crests of waves slapping at the shore and the crunch of sand beneath her foot shattered the silence around her.
    • As he reached the crest of the hill he saw the Sanitarium spread out before him.
    • The warriors struggled to reload and finish the job when to their horror, a second Marauder appeared over the crest of the hill.
    • After what seemed an eternity, a long white car came over the crest of the hill, and began to descend toward the country club.
    • Harold's forces gathered on the crest of a hill and formed a wall of shields.
    • When the group of knights had reached the crest of the hill, the view enticed them.
    • He climbed up to the crest of Moon Hill and scanned his surroundings.
    • As she reached the crest of the hill she gasped at the sight.
    • And he was up against Marcus who was on a crest of a wave.
    • By the light of the ship, Jenni could see the crests of the waves as streaks of white, swirling randomly in the face of the gale.
    • At the crest of the hill, the fugitives emerged once again into the moonlight and rested briefly.
    • Abruptly she also swerved to the right, dicing the crest of a tidal wave as she did so.
    • She looked out to the ocean, seeing the reflection of the starlight on the crests of the waves.
    • One was taken when the spout was relatively far out and the other over the surf line where the broken crest of a wave is being sucked up.
    • The bus would slow down to about five miles an hour and just creep over the crest of the hill.
    • The troops were realigning on the crest of the hill.
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    cresta feminine
    • The iliac crest bone marrow biopsy is the gold standard for detecting of bone marrow metastases in small cell lung cancer.
    • The bone can also be taken from several places, commonest being the iliac crest (pelvic bone).
    • This requires a bone marrow examination from the crest of the hip bone using local anesthesia.
    • The standard procedure consists of an iliac crest bone graft.
    • Hip circumference was defined as the widest point, between the iliac crest and the crotch.