Translation of crime in Spanish:


delito, n.

Pronunciation /krʌɪm//kraɪm/


  • 1

    (wrongful act)
    delito masculine
    (murder) crimen masculine
    to commit a crime cometer un delito
    • the scene of the crime el lugar del delito/crimen
    • a crime against humanity/nature un crimen contra la humanidad/contra natura
    • is it such a crime to have an affair? ¿es que es un crimen tener una aventura?
    • it's a crime to waste such talent es un crimen / un pecado desperdiciar un talento así
    • He said the order had turned the offence of being drunk and disorderly into a crime punishable by up to five years in prison.
    • These try all but the most serious crimes, such as murder and rape.
    • For the council to accept such a liability is a crime against the tax payers of Swindon.
    • This was not just a crime against one nation, but against the very notion of decency itself.
    • Assaults and related offences are treated as serious crimes, which attract substantial penalties.
    • Capital punishment for such crimes might make criminals more wary of carrying guns and knives.
    • To undermine football as happens in certain countries is a deception and a crime against society.
    • Everything reinforces the notion that this is a uniquely devastating and shameful crime.
    • The crimes include shoplifting, assault, public order offences, theft and criminal damage.
    • Here was a man who many people were concerned about but who had never been convicted of a crime against children.
    • The deliberate targeting of civilians is a crime against humanity, full stop.
    • If as you report it was due to inability to pay, then this ranks as a crime against humanity.
    • Next the jury has to consider causation and then whether the breach was gross enough to constitute a crime.
    • Her alleged crimes are punishable by up to three years in prison and fines of up to €100,000.
    • First, it specifies that a crime against humanity must be committed with knowledge of the attack.
    • Its perpetrators must be punished because crimes unpunished generate more criminals.
    • That does not apply just to terrorist offences but also to other serious crimes.
    • We hold it to be a crime against man and God to submit any longer to the rule that has caused this disaster to our country.
    • It was a national disgrace and a crime, and the responsibility for it reaches to the highest level.
    • To deprive a Muslim child of their culture and language is a crime against humanity.
    • These people will think twice about rape, murder and other serious crimes if death is an alternative.
    • Judge Malherbe ruled that the action of the two soldiers did not constitute a crime.
    • What we need is a multilateral regime that makes it clear that this is a crime against all humanity.
    • Any activity that takes away these rights is a crime against nature and humanity.
    • This is certainly a crime against humanity aimed at earning money at the cost of public health.
    • That a woman could be the perpetrator of such crimes even as an accomplice was almost too horrible to believe.
    • For anyone to deprive them of a penny of their legal entitlement is a crime against society.
    • As I said it was a crime against humanity so that is what he deserved and that is what the rest of them deserve.
    • Surely he's not going to make out that this show is anything less than a crime against humanity?
    • High treason was a crime against the state which meant, in practice, against the monarch.
    • Preliminary inquires into rapes, murders and other serious crimes were canceled.
    • It doesn't even have to involve physical contact and is a crime punishable summarily by up to six months in prison.
    • It is a crime against these boxers' humanity that they are allowed to continue in this most dangerous trade.
    • A world virtually without murder and serious crimes, wouldn't that be something?
    • Conspiracies should only be criminal if the conduct agreed upon constitutes a crime when done by one person.
    • One cannot just walk away from the scene of the crime without admitting wrongdoing.
    • Logic is turned upside down and instead of being punished for their crimes of omission they reap their due reward.
    • They have committed a huge crime against humanity, and now they are killing the witnesses.
    • Officers were also becoming increasingly worried that crimes and serious injuries were not being reported.
    • Is there then a disproportionate growth in the crime of theft as opposed to more serious crimes?
  • 2

    (criminal activity)
    delincuencia feminine
    (figures/rate) (before noun) de criminalidad
    to punish/prevent crime castigar/prevenir la delincuencia
    • a life of crime una vida de delincuencia
    • an increase in crime un aumento de la delincuencia / criminalidad
    • organized crime el crimen organizado
    • crime doesn't pay no hay crimen sin castigo
    • crime fiction novelas policíacas / policiales
    • crime statistics datos estadísticos sobre la criminalidad
    • What of course everyone agrees with is that drug dealing and organised crime should be illegal.
    • Shoplifting and other business crime will continue to be dealt with other uniformed area officers.
    • The designers of the new building are also hoping to minimise the potential for vandalism and other crime.
    • The arrests should be for offences such as burglary, robbery, car crime or vandalism, he said.
    • How would she suggest that we deal with current issues like vandalism and street crime?
    • Crimes such as vandalism, car crime and burglary are an everyday occurrence in Swindon.
    • People were most worried about house burglary, car crime, drugs, alcohol and robbery.
    • This is a long, long way from ensuring that the victims of crime are compensated.
    • Once again it is the vulnerable who are the victims of crime while far too often the perpetrators escape justice.
    • Sutton Council is in a state of denial with regard to crime and vandalism.
    • The idea that only a black man can treat black criminals and victims of crime fairly is absurd and offensive.
    • Some submitters also spoke of the need for the Government to do more to assist the victims of crime.
    • It is important that we work to break the cycle that can trap people in crime, both as victims and perpetrators.
    • And surely you agree that crime and illegal immigration are getting out of hand.
    • This can easily rear its head here in drug gangs and petty crime like vandalism without any encouragement.
    • The reductions we've made in house burglary, in car crime and robbery over the last year are excellent.
    • But nor have I ever felt safer as a result of them or believed they were stopping crime or terrorism.
    • The law and the courts and the political elite are biased in favour of the criminal rather than the victim of crime.
    • It also identifies the number of days of illegal activity by type of crime.
    • They cannot be expected to be present while every act of crime or vandalism is being perpetrated.