Translation of criminology in Spanish:


criminología, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkrɪmɪˈnɒlədʒi//ˌkrɪməˈnɑlədʒi/


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    criminología feminine
    • At the University of Northumbria, applications to study criminology and forensic science have doubled.
    • This book will be of interest to urban historians and quantitative historians as well as students and scholars of criminology and policy studies.
    • She devoured books and pamphlets on rhetoric, art, criminology, theology, psychology, philosophy, the list could go on and on.
    • The largest independent criminology study ever conducted into CCTV concluded two years ago that it has had little or no effect on crime.
    • In January, she began a course of further study for a Master's Degree in social policy and criminology.
    • His primary interests are criminology, statistics, and criminal justice assessment and counseling.
    • I would definitely recommend this book to students studying legal psychology as well as criminology.
    • Follow-up criminology studies have yet to determine whether the website route is effective.
    • Both emphasize law enforcement as the central police function, and adopt the rational deterrence model of classical criminology, albeit at different stages of the argument.
    • By that time, Catrin was an undergraduate student studying criminology and criminal justice as part of a broader social sciences degree.
    • Well now there's an institute named after her where they take science to criminology.
    • Her particular areas of interest are Indigenous criminal justice and forensic issues in criminology.
    • For the past twenty to thirty years, control theories of crime have been at the center of theoretical development in criminology.
    • Significantly, they have been hugely overlooked as a source of knowledge about criminality within histories of criminology and theories of crime and deviance.
    • He said Caroline was studying criminology in an attempt to help someone like her killer have a better life.
    • Next month she will head for Cardiff to study law and criminology.
    • This is a relatively new science in criminology.
    • In contrast, conflict marxist and radical criminology regarded crime as a function of poverty, reflecting a power imbalance in society.
    • She was 21 and had a degree in criminology and psychology.
    • With a degree in political science and criminology, he became a probation officer in Florida.