Translation of crinkle-cut in Spanish:


ondulado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪŋkəlˌkət/


  • 1

    • The chips, or fries, are of the crinkle-cut variety.
    • A hotel phone squats on a desk in front of the screens, and from time to time the actors will ring down to order not a roast beef sandwich with crinkle-cut crisps, but a round of Truth or Dare - or maybe a darker, less formalised game.
    • He then served us a herbed yogurt mousse, with crinkle-cut herbed potato chips.
    • Very European, quite old-fashioned with a slice of smoked ham and old-style veggies like crinkle-cut beetroot and huge onion rings.
    • She sat there on her knees, feet crossed, palms outstretched on that crinkle-cut grass, eyes wide open enough to burst, smile broad enough to split.