Translation of crisscross in Spanish:


entrecruzado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪskrɔs//ˈkrɪskrɒs/


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    • Tie the fishing line to the stakes in a criss-cross pattern.
    • This I made myself, and it is ornately decorated with criss-cross patterns and reinforced around the ends with extra duct tape so that the guitar does not break off of the strap.
    • Here's the lawn today, with it's stunning criss-cross pattern.
    • Sunlight poured in through the curtains in the window and made criss-cross patterns on the wall.
    • Signature details included intricate criss-cross fabric weaving, long lines and flowing fringe-like ties.
    • Suede in cognac or blonde adds the look of luxury to a blazer or skirt, and is the leather of choice for accessories or detailing, such as criss-cross lacing on blouses.
    • Be bold and score the meat deeply in a wide criss-cross pattern using a sharp knife.
    • When I walk down Buchanan Street, I adopt a criss-cross pattern to avoid the clipboard people.
    • A criss-cross pattern of scars intermingled across his chest.
    • Trim the duck breasts by removing excess membrane from the inside and scoring the fat side in criss-cross fashion.
    • Flatten lightly with fork to make criss-cross pattern.
    • A-list items include boned corsets made out of bronze PVC with black criss-cross lacing, and black velvet hooded opera capes with brocade closures.
    • It had criss-cross straps about half way down the front, but underneath was deep purple material, put there to keep her modesty.
    • Stretch jeans with criss-cross stitching, coupled with a chocolate brown jacket are just some of the items to be found in the store.
    • Halve the aubergine and slash the flesh in a criss-cross pattern.
    • It had a criss-cross back, and looked very pretty on her.
    • She shook her head, making wide criss-cross motions with her arms.
    • The lightly seasoned pilots would take off from the station's criss-cross runways.
    • Two stents were inflated simultaneously across the stenoses in criss-cross arrangement (top right).
    • He was wearing blue denim jeans, a white shirt with blue stripes in a criss-cross pattern.

transitive verb

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    entramado masculine


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    en forma entrecruzada