Translation of criticize in Spanish:


criticar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪtɪsʌɪz//ˈkrɪdəˌsaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    they criticized us for not acting sooner nos criticaron por no haber actuado antes
    • The trait he was criticized for most is now the one that earns him the greatest praise.
    • Many people cowered from criticising him, not least because of his readiness to confront his critics in the libel courts.
    • She is often criticized for not caring enough, or showing that she does enough.
    • You shouldn't just focus on the faults or difficulties and criticize the country.
    • Suffering from poor health, he was also criticized for poor generalship by fellow-officers.
    • However, the Singapore press is criticized for its coverage of local politics.
    • It seems to me that philosophers are often criticized for always demanding rational explanations.
    • The agency was criticized for its slow reaction to the launch last month.
    • The trial judge was criticized for not giving more weight to oral testimony.
    • They build a player up, knock him down and then start criticising personalities.
    • It will be inevitable that they are severely criticized for betraying their country.
    • The developer is criticized for relying on a private company for some of the supply.
    • Such policies are frequently criticized for being unnecessarily confrontational.
    • The deal was criticized for not doing enough to promote third world development.
    • Advocates of the views are often criticized for leaving use vague.
    • We were criticized for taking what was deemed to be an unduly apocalyptic view of the industry.
    • The few congressional dissenters at the time were criticized for lack of patriotism.
    • It sounds to me like you think you are all high and mighty and anybody that knocks you down a peg is criticized for it.
    • During his latter Presidency he was criticized for spending too much time golfing and trout fishing.
    • The opposition is criticizing the handouts while not promising to reverse them.
  • 2

    hacer la crítica de
    • In his later school years his close friends were a group of boys who met on a regular basis to exchange and criticize each other's literary work.
    • But, criticizing Tolstoy, some theorists point out that an artist need not have the feeling in question in order to express it.
    • In addition, both writers were admired and criticized by artistic women of the day.