Translation of critique in Spanish:


crítica, n.

Pronunciation /krɪˈtiːk//krɪˈtik/


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    crítica feminine
    • I would not erase the good that has been accomplished through identity-based cultural critiques and political efforts.
    • In Cuba he did political critiques via painting installations based on posters and billboards.
    • Each operated and trained its members on the basis of its particular analyses and its critique of the others.
    • Please feel free to leave constructive critiques and comments, as I would love to hear all your opinions on my progress.
    • I hardly see any point in having critiques and comments if they are to be publicized outside the paper.
    • This second use is very important to bear in mind as we try to assess the critiques of globalisation that have been recently aired in different forms.
    • Insightful, if a bit cagey, critiques of modern political philosophy.
    • Its failings should be exposed in detailed published critiques.
    • Historical critique exposes the flaws or limitations of each of the political traditions.
    • You'll find reviews of the latest literary fiction, along with critiques of the work.
    • Some people who ask for critiques want critiques.
    • If critique of social and political reality was possible in the East, its forum was cultural life.
    • However, postmodernism has figured more prominently in internal critiques of feminist theories.
    • In addition, there are two further political critiques of public equity investment.
    • There is no space here to engage in a detailed critique of this approach.
    • The radical critique of the political is an excuse for refusal rather than grounds for collective agency.
    • They came back to me with detailed critiques, but maintained the same level of enthusiasm.
    • In all, this is a fascinating overview with some detailed critiques.
    • His reputation rests on his incisive critiques of literary and political innocence and immaturity.
    • All I was trying to give him was, ahem, a contribution to a critique of his political economy.