Translation of critter in Spanish:


bicho, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪtə//ˈkrɪdər/



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    bicho masculine informal
    • Even in my newly adopted home in Florida, I am still bewildered to see critters outside Animal Kingdom.
    • The sounds of the desert animals - critters, as they call them here on the ranch - come at me from all directions.
    • I haven't yet been in my attic, because attics are dark, scary, and often full of bugs and critters.
    • Growers frequently apply insecticides to control the critter, but it has armed itself with resistance to many chemicals.
    • Kim Nicolini lives in Tucson Arizona with her partner Charlie, daughter Skylar and menagerie of pets and critters.
    • A small pond was the home of cattails, small fish and other critters and plants.
    • The sequences with the forest animals are filled to bursting with little critters, all acting and reacting continually.
    • After you've mastered the mambo, grown a goatee and/or tattooed something sensitive, even your critics will have to admit you're one wild and crazy critter.
    • In some instances, keys are acquired from the undead, meaning you'll have to destroy every last critter before you can advance.
    • I mean the actual animal kingdom where scientists are finding out all sorts of interesting things about our fellow critters.
    • Don't let them fall to the ground, the chipmunks, birds and other critters love them, and usually eat them as fast as they fall.
    • The predatory habits of these critters helps to control insect populations in many parts of the world.
    • I couldn't believe the nerve of that little critter!
    • My Consumerist side was a very happy critter, seeing so much stuff to desire.
    • It's good to know that our congress critters are not completely obtuse about the needs of their constituents.
    • These loads will take care of critters including deer, black bear and wild boar.
    • I mean it ought to be the charming old eccentric uncle with the zany housekeeper and the funny little critter on the beach and it just seems to miss out on that level and I actually felt that all the children were really unlikeable.
    • The wasps lay eggs on the hornworm and the larva burrow into the critter to feed.
    • Calim is becoming a vicious little critter.
    • The berries would serve as a meal for bugs, birds and other critters that happened across them.
    • No word on how officials dealt with this ornery little critter, but judging by the general good temper of both voters and officials, my guess is that they simply made it stand in the corner for the rest of the evening.
    • It took a helicopter and police marksmen to bring the vicious little critter to justice.
    • Killer whales eat a wide range of ocean critters, from salmon to sperm whales.
    • But someday I'll have my own photo of that crafty critter and I won't have to link to someone else's image because I'll keep going back until I get the picture.
    • Set back as I tell about the heroic doings of this lovable critter as spelled out by the elder folk of our town.
    • The tadpole shrimp is simply a critter that is in the right place at the right time, when it comes to annual weed control.
    • I plan to write about my nature observations during my time here, both birds and other critters.
    • Clayton jumped on the small animal, but unfortunately the critter was prepared.
    • We're trying to keep out dust and moisture and critters such as insects or birds that might build a nest.
    • So, if there's beating in the family, if there's fear, screaming, anxiety, this poor little critter in there, is suffering that.
    • In person, he was every bit as witty, charming and graceful as those endearing critters.
    • The rescue team brought the critters to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society.
    • I was in The Big Tree Pub in Dublin before the match last week when I spotted some unfortunate critter in a Down jersey at the bar.
    • What distinguishes him is that this little critter has a personality.
    • Genetically engineered critters that fight other bugs bring unknown environmental risks.
    • I could become one unhappy critter.
    • The little critter she's holding was just two days old.
    • Diana growled at Sahn, poor critter, and slowly released him from her grip.