Translation of crop in Spanish:


cosecha, n.

Pronunciation /krɑp//krɒp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(quantity of produce)

      cosecha feminine
      to harvest a crop cosechar
      • this rain will be good for the crops esta lluvia les vendrá bien a los cultivos
      • They have to harvest the crop with almost military precision and at a pace almost as hectic as war.
      • All of us lived together, ploughed together, and harvested the crops together.
      • Gusty winds continued to dry soils and accelerate the wheat crop toward an early harvest.
      • The season of 1874-75 was excellent, with two crops harvested and stored.
      • The growers are still harvesting their crop, months later than usual.
      • Farmers who came back to harvest the crops on their small-holdings often put their lives at risk to do so.
      • Potato farmer Simon Bradley took matters into his own hands when he harvested his biggest crop, but was unable to sell it all through his York outlets.
      • The rainy season was so heavy following the drought that it destroyed the second crop and the harvest was so poor that one man in the village hung himself.
      • Their action comes in the middle of the cherry picking season and has forced growers into the orchards to harvest their own crop.
      • In some areas farmers have not harvested their crops, as there is no market for them.
      • When all the crops had been harvested and stored away, and before the men left for the fall hunt, the Harvest Festival was held.
      • He was harvesting the crops, and had gathered in his arms a large bundle of corn.
      • They do use modern farming technology, however, harvesting their crops with huge combines.
      • It gives the northern farmer more night light to harvest crops.
      • When the crop was harvested, pesticide residues were found to exceed the legal limit.
      • Farmers ask for government help because they cannot harvest their crops after a drought.
      • Three weeks from now I will be harvesting my crops.
      • An answer may take 3-7 months, long after the crops have been harvested and contamination has happened.
      • Both men and women work in the fields and harvest the crops.
      • While the GM seeds cost more than regular ones, she saves money by not having to use so much pesticide and has harvested bigger crops.

    • 1.2(type of produce)

      cultivo masculine
      crop spraying fumigación de cultivos feminine

    • 1.3informal (batch)

      tanda feminine informal
      this year's crop of students la tanda de estudiantes de este año
      • Seasoned councillors welcomed a crop of hopeful new politicians into their ranks.
      • Every season, first books appear by a crop of new writers worthy of ink and paper.
      • The president's advisors will be worried by the latest crop of polls which appear to indicate a groundswell of dissatisfaction with their man.
      • As the crop of digitally animated films becomes more abundant, audiences are likely to demand increasingly more from such movies.
      • It sends a disturbing message that the new crop of aspiring music journalists do not know about music genres and musical history that emerged before 1990.
      • The current crop of UK writers are turning out some amazing material.
      • Along came a new crop of country singers.
      • But the current crop of tests appears to be aimed only at evaluating minimum competence.
      • The challenge now, is to give the current crop of recruits more time to build a cohesive affront.
      • The album is rather different from the current crop of pop music.
      • The new crop of boats appears to be designed and built by committee, the accountants and people with no practical experience.
      • It's no small task, but the current crop of candidates appears to be up to the task.
      • Only 21, he is already the holder of four singles titles, and is widely recognised as the most naturally gifted of the current crop of youngsters in the professional game.
      • Scotland currently have an abundant crop of up-and-coming back-rowers.
      • There is plenty to keep the avid garden visitor busy tomorrow with a plentiful crop of gardens open in the area.
      • His recent European tour produced a bumper crop of such stories.
      • Well, what do you think about the current crop of sitcoms?
      • This easily is one of the best looking games that will appear on the current crop of console hardware.
      • The current crop of middle to late 20th Century ‘Period Dramas’, all re-evaluate the past through a filter of modern-day attitudes.
      • Meanwhile, come April, we'll have a new crop of stars to profile and watch.

  • 2

    corte de pelo muy corto masculine
    • His close crop is obviously low maintenance.
    • She had her hair cut into a short crop and always wore pants or shorts.
    • We all had the same hairdo too, called a crop, and I'm pretty sure it came complete with a comb for your back pocket.
    • A short crop of blond hair accented the flawless skin, the blue eyes.
    • Our favorite crops are always about a great shape, color and, of course, terrific styling aids.
    • I flicked at my hair, a savage spiky crop with a bleached fringe, lightly gelled, glanced at my watch, frowned and headed for the door.
    • She mimics the popular asymmetrical relaxed crop with fine layered braids.
    • His hair is longer than the close crop he wears during the season.
    • He arched his back, then ran his short, stubby fingers through the brush of short, white crop of hair on his head.
    • There are plenty of short haircuts on display but they are more about disguising thinning crops than making a political statement.
    • Buns, twists, chignons and hair knots generally work for most hair types, textures and lengths except super short chops and crops.
    • While I was eating, my mom fussed with my short crop of red hair.
    • Emily Rose, who had a short crop of blond hair, had hers spiked up more than usual, giving her a uniquely almost warrior-esque look.
    • Her back was turned to me, so I could only see her short crop of black hair and the red mantle she wore.
    • An easy shape and vibrant color give this saucy crop its appeal.
    • Unconsciously she stretched a hand upwards to touch the short, pale blonde crop.
    • His hair has just been recently chopped from his younger out-of-date curtains style into a short ruffled and very sexy crop.
    • In particular, I tell her, the short, blonde crop she sported was not well received.
    • With their similar crops of thick black hair, large soulful eyes, and charming grins, they're difficult to tell apart.
  • 3riding crop

    • 3.1

      fusta feminine
      fuete masculine Southern Cone Latin America

    • 3.2(handle of whip)

      mango de una fusta masculine
      • Flipping back one of the exercise mats, he revealed a selection of whips, canes and crops.

  • 4

    (of bird)
    buche masculine
    • Grain is stored in their crops and ground by the grit in their gizzard.
    • Chickadees don't have a crop in their throats to store food that is slowly digested while sleeping.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hair) cortar muy corto
    (tail/ears) cortar
    he had a lean face and cropped hair tenía el rostro enjuto y el pelo muy corto
    • cropped jacket chaqueta corta
    • to crop grass pacer
    • Her blond hair was cropped short and framed her face.
    • He looked to be in his thirties, with short cropped dark hair and bright hazel eyes.
    • Her blonde hair was cropped even shorter and her aquamarine eyes were not red rimmed like Julia's.
    • There stood a tall man of about 25 with blonde cropped hair, and electric blue eyes under silver framed glasses.
    • His hair was cropped short and his skin was dark.
    • She had incredibly short, cropped dark hair and little curls that framed her thin face.
    • His hair was cropped short and made his head look square.
    • He combed his fingers through his short cropped hair and opened the door.
    • His once red hair was cropped short and his green eyes sparked with intensity.
    • He had short cropped blonde hair and friendly ice blue eyes.
    • She was a recent divorcee with short, cropped brown hair and doe eyes.
    • She shook her head, short cropped red hair dancing delicately in the movement.
    • The woman wore a white tank top and shorts, and had cropped red hair.
    • Young men have very short, closely cropped hair and also dress stylishly.
    • Blonde hair was cropped close to his head, and looked rather disheveled.
    • This woman's hair was cropped short in haphazard spikes on the top, a braid hanging over her shoulder.
    • She is reminded bitterly of how she cropped her long hair short.
    • White hair was cropped short and he had nice cheekbones.
    • She pushed back her hood and short cropped brown hair was revealed.
    • The man is described as around 5ft 10 in, in his early 20s, with very short, possibly cropped mousy hair.
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    • 2.1(harvest)

      • First earlies are planted between the end of March and early April and take about 100 days before cropping.
      • Set-aside payments will not help the farmer much because the subsidy is the same as if it had been cropped, but without the actual crop to sell.
      • It should be farmers' priority in Zambia to cut cotton stalks immediately after cropping if they are to avoid serious infestation of pests and diseases and achieve better yields.
      • Research has shown that both corn and soybeans produce higher yields when rotated rather than when cropped continuously.
      • Nobody is going to start the laborious process of cropping a plant if it is freely available in the environment.
      • In Israel, vine cacti are cropped despite the absence of natural pollinators.

    • 2.2(plant)

      • The lower value of these has necessitated more frequent cropping and the use of more farmland area, intensifying the effects upon the catchment.
      • In the case of crops at least 50% of the eligible area must be cropped each year - i.e. sown with a crop other than grass.
      • A mere 10 per cent of the land has been cropped.
      • He crops 350 hectares of some of his best and worst soils with the pasture to produce between 500 kilograms and 750 kilogram of seed a hectare.
      • The Court has already imposed an interim injunction against the cleared area being cropped.
      • Virtually all land is double cropped, and many farmers cultivate three or four crops a year.
      • The rest has been left idle, used as grazing land, or intermittently cropped.
      • At this time the cropped areas expanded significantly, as did the number of people engaged in that activity.
      • It grows in the same fertile soils that are good for farming, and it continues to be cleared for cropping as well as grazed, with hardly any in protected reserves.
      • Trials with rhodes, panic and seteria grasses in particular have proven successful in providing year round pastures in areas unsuitable for cropping.
      • Cropland must meet cropping history criteria and be physically and legally capable of being cropped in a normal manner.
      • Fields with heavy infestations could be cropped for a few years so tillage and herbicides could reduce infestations.
      • Tillage farmers are facing crucial decisions on the amount of land they should crop under the new tillage policy.
      • And this over here, we bought this farm not long ago, and that hadn't been cropped that area down there, for 30 years.
      • Southeastern soils have been intensively cropped and are prone to drought and erosion.
      • Land must be cropped in order to pay the bills.
      • Farmers should have 30 per cent of their cropped area planted with legumes each season.
      • Rising temperatures will make arable land available that's currently too cold for cropping.

intransitive verb


  • 1

    • Raspberries continue to crop heavily too, but there aren't that many left now.
    • If planted in April 1990, they will crop in the summer of 1990, 1991 and 1992.
    • I always like to sow some broad beans in autumn to have something growing in the veg plot over winter, and they usually crop earlier than the spring-sown ones.