Translation of croquette in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kroʊˈkɛt//krə(ʊ)ˈkɛt/


also potato croquette

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    rollito de puré de papa envuelto en pan rallado y frito
    • Croquettes proved popular with my companions, who ordered both leek and potato, and spinach croquettes.
    • I chose spinach croquette and was pleasantly surprised when three large croquettes arrived instead of the one I expected.
    • My favourite was the shrimp croquettes, browned balls that looked like potato puffs but tasted like shrimp.
    • On our night it was beef casserole with spinach and potato croquettes.
    • The chickpea croquettes called falafel and the ever-popular chickpea dip, hummus, are both very good.
    • A list of tapas includes garlic shrimp or mushrooms, rice and seafood croquettes, fried calamari and sardines.
    • Zucchini croquettes were my second choice, fried in batter, but without the slightest hint of grease, they were light and extremely tasty.
    • Chips, crisps, wedges and croquettes just don't make the menu for those with one eye on calories and the other on the scales.
    • On the traditional side, I'd recommend the cod croquettes, deep-fried to create a crispy exterior.
    • Apart from the croquettes, there really isn't any variety, and that means it's never going to be a regular haunt.
    • From a street stall came the inviting smell of fried ham croquettes.
    • These wonderful croquettes are well worth the preparation time.
    • Christmas and Easter create buying peaks for lines such as sponge puddings, sausages wrapped in bacon, potato croquettes and finger food-sized party selections.
    • On a completely different note, I am going to try making croquettes with rice instead of potato and with canned tuna instead of mince.
    • More mundane items were handled with equal care, such as the home-made potato croquettes.
    • You can do a lot of the preparation in advance - make and freeze the bacalao fritters and ham croquettes, for example, and marinate the chorizo and lightly roast the baby peppers.
    • Shallow-fry three frozen smoked haddock croquettes and lay these on top of the crab.
    • In France, batter is transformed into crisp beignets and croquettes, into traditional waffles peculiar to each region, and into smooth, light crêpes.
    • He said the croquettes were perfectly adequate and tasty, but again nothing outstanding.
    • The best of our tapas starters was unquestionably the goat's cheese croquettes.