Translation of cross in Spanish:


cruz, n.

Pronunciation: /krɒs//krɔs/


  • 1

    • 1.1Religion

      cruz feminine
      to make the sign of the cross hacer la señal de la cruz
      • papal/Latin/Greek cross cruz papal/latina/griega
      • to bear one's cross cargar con / llevar su (/ mi etc. ) cruz
      • we all have our cross to bear todos cargamos con / llevamos nuestra cruz
      • Noting my covetousness, a native woman lifted her cross off her neck and placed it around mine.
      • The foundation of the Church is always the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.
      • At least twenty people have offered to sell me a piece of the true cross.
      • A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks.
      • Meanwhile, through an open doorway, the reader can see hundreds of crosses lining the general's backyard in neat rows.
      • I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to cleanse me from sin.
      • Though our foreheads are marked with a black, ashen cross, Matthew warns us to practice our piety in secret.
      • To the early Christians and Byzantines, it was called the gammadion cross, and it figured prominently in their artwork.
      • Lulu wears a tiny gold cross around her neck.
      • Like many of the troops I met during the war, she wore a cross around her neck.
      • A special prayer around the Cross for young people takes place for the Lenten Season.
      • She was no longer biting her fingernail, but fidgeting with the gold cross on a chain around her neck.
      • As opposed to the resurrection, the cross symbolises crucifixion.
      • These include a fragmented image of the crucifixion with parts of Christ's body in pieces around the cross.
      • A bible hung from his belt, and he wore a cross around his neck.
      • The lintel shows Jesus carrying the cross on the way to Calvary.
      • An eternal transaction was taking place as Jesus was dying on the Cross.
      • Dozens of people turned up on Otley Chevin at the weekend to help pull the Easter Cross into place.
      • As Jesus hung upon the Cross, He hung there as the representative Man - the last of the Adamic race.
      • It is because the dogwood was used for the Cross, it is said, that it has not grown straight, or to a large size ever since.
      • The cross of Jesus Christ reveals that the very heart of God is mercy and forgiveness.
      • It is proposed to build, plaster and cap a perimeter wall and erect a Cross on completion of the work.
      • Above them a cluster of crosses mark graves and beyond them a few people cross onto a ship.
      • This was an expression of all the sins of the world put into one cup and poured out on Christ while He was on the Cross.
      • This day provides an opportunity to acknowledge grief and sorrow, and to teach why Christians use a cross as a symbol.
      • He said this cross was built in the 1950s to mark a holy year.
      • The cross as a symbol of Christianity is everywhere.
      • He used his own pain, following the example of Christ on the cross, to share with compassion the pain of others.
      • He could have saved himself, but he did not for it was through his death on the Cross that God was going to save the world.
      • The Cross of Christ is the centre of God's entire plan of redemption.
      • Everything you have ever done wrong was placed on Jesus as He hung upon the Cross.
      • Christ encountered her at the very entrance of the church, all bloody and nailed to the Cross.
      • That's why, with time, they started to represent the Christ with a beard and later, they represented him on the cross.
      • The cross of Christ, theologically speaking, was not an end in itself.
      • One way she does this is by stripping down, multiplying, and opening up the central symbol of Christianity, the cross.
      • He buried them out back, behind the small cabin, forming two wooden crosses out of pieces of wood, spliced together with strips of rawhide.
      • Just when we figure out the cross and empty tomb, something happens to remind us that Jesus' death and resurrection are a mystery.
      • Your old sinful life was put to death on the Cross with Jesus, and buried with him in the grave.
      • In England, hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday; they are marked on top with a cross, either cut in the dough or composed of strips of pastry.
      • The life-size crosses and figures of saints were one of the great forms of benefaction in the eleventh century and are described in churches across England.

    • 1.2(mark, sign)

      cruz feminine
      to make a cross hacer una cruz
      • Watch any low budget pre-election television show, lay back and listen while the terminally dumb mumble their excuses for not being able to put a cross on a piece of paper and pop it into a battered tin box.
      • When giving a guest the map of Mantua, why not indicate with a cross where the restaurant you've booked for him is located?
      • Cut a small cross in the top of each pie, insert a sprig of thyme and lightly brush with milk.
      • With the pointed end of a potato peeler or a small, sharp knife, cut out the core of the tomatoes and lightly mark a cross on their undersides.
      • The center of the cross indicates the position of the breakpoints with moderate precision.
      • The cross represents the masculine side of his face, the nought represents the feminine side.
      • The yellow outline and magenta cross mark the best guess of the RADAR team at the location of the Huygens DISR images.
      • How can they ever expect conditions to change when a short trip to a polling station to mark a cross on a voting paper might make all the difference, but is too much for them?
      • Knead it well then shape it into a ball, cut a cross into the centre, place in a bowl and cover.
      • Trapping was carried out in the reedbed with 147 m of mist nets arranged in two lines forming a cross.
      • And there's ticks and crosses to indicate everyone's preferences.
      • She cut an improvised cross from the head of a cork and dampened the ash by adding water.
      • If George W Bush had enjoyed the right to vote in this country two weeks ago he would have thought twice about putting his cross against any candidate representing the Conservative Party.
      • The ancient Egyptians had the cross as a religious symbol of their Gods.
      • Opponents have halted plans for voters in York's next local elections to place their crosses by post.
      • Initially voters were required to mark as many crosses as there were vacancies and the candidates with greatest support, usually from the same party, were elected.
      • Put a cross against the wrong answer.
      • They will not meekly give up their power simply because of a few million crosses on pieces of paper.
      • It was a map of Hillcrest, marked with numerous crosses.
      • Torvald checks his letter box and finds some letters and two Business cards from Dr. Rank with black crosses on them.
      • Use a green tick if the best option was chosen, a yellow tick for a partially correct answer, and a red cross for a totally wrong answer.
      • The small cross indicates the position of the Earth when at perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) in early January.
      • All I did was put pencil crosses on pieces of paper and put them in a ballot box.
      • It is understood that a street map of Brussels with a number of places marked with crosses - including a street near the embassy - was found on him.

    • 1.3(medal)

      the Iron Cross la Cruz de Hierro

  • 2

    cruce masculine
    cruza feminine Latin America
    a cross between anger and disbelief una mezcla de ira e incredulidad
    • In many respects, this form of analysis represents a cross between a psychological profile and stereotyping.
    • It's been described as a cross between orienteering and sailing, of course with the extra dimension of being able to go up and down, something you don't wish to do in a sailing boat.
    • The jail was a cross between a political headquarters and an industrial plant.
    • His hair was scraggly and slightly curly, its color a cross between brown and black.
    • It's a brilliant cross between stealth, puzzle and platform genres that you really have to play to believe.
    • We assume that the parents that initiate the cross are pure inbred lines.
    • He led her out of the bedroom and into something that looked like a cross between a library, a laboratory, and a study.
    • The farm's herd is a cross between the indigenous Wagyu and another quality export from Scotland, the Aberdeen Angus.
    • The movie becomes a cross between a serious life drama and a quirky romantic comedy.
    • Hybrids are more difficult to spot because they are a cross between the native and Spanish varieties, and the colours vary in shades
    • Draft animals, especially the ubiquitous dzo, a cross between a yak and a cow, play a central part in the farming economy.
    • Orchestral life, at its best, is a cross between summer camp and labour camp.
    • Clearly, the closer a family car resembles a cross between a combine harvester and a rocket launcher, the happier today's families are.
    • With their five-wheel frame and their medium-height buckle cuff, they are a cross between a racing skate and recreational one.
    • He said animals had to be 16 hands 3ins minimum and a cross between a heavy working breed and a thoroughbred.
    • He was an imposing figure, a cross between Humpty Dumpty and a brigadier, who had rowed hard in his youth.
    • These bitsy buds are a cross between broccoli and gai lan.
    • He describes his life as a cross between being a GP, vicar and social worker - ‘which is fine, but not very challenging’.
    • This is the ideal present for someone with a slightly sadistic nature as a cross between a plant and a pet.
    • That clone was created from a cross between two strains from North and South Germany that were distinct from the clones we analyzed here.
    • Hybrids such as the mule, a cross between a donkey and a horse, are sterile.
    • His face was growing old quickly, his hair a cross between gray and brown.
    • It's a cross between rap and line dancing if you can categorise it at all.
    • The first step is to make a cross between two parent plants.
    • A genetic map constructed using a cross between the two M. grisea strains used in this study revealed a high degree of synteny between the two genomes.
    • That place was like a cross between hell and jail.
    • It is a cross between a corporation and a partnership.
    • Weblogs, or blogs for short, are a cross between a diary, a web site, and an online community.
    • Covered only from waist down by white sheets, they evoked a cross between Greek statues and hospital patients.
    • Grandifloras are a cross between hybrid teas and floribundas.
    • Most hybrid striped bass that consumers purchase are a cross between female white bass and male striped bass.
  • 3

    • 3.1(in soccer)

      pase cruzado masculine
      • Only a few minutes had gone when the Welshman flung in an inviting right-foot cross to the back post.
      • He looks in an off-side position but the linesman disagrees, and so he can ping another cross in.
      • He creates so many goals for others with his precision crosses and his sweeping through balls.
      • The former Rochdale man delivered a pin-point low cross for top-scorer Foster to turn home from close range.
      • His limp cross was kicked towards the Leeds goal by Ian Harte and only a smart save by Nigel Martyn kept things equal.

    • 3.2(in boxing)

      cruzado masculine
      cross masculine
      right/left cross cruzado / cross de derecha/izquierda
      • Jason kneed him in the stomach before following the blow with a right cross to his mouth.
      • The messages from Moore's brain to the rest of his body were immediately scrambled by the perfectly timed right cross, and Moore fell down to the canvas in a heap.
      • Faster than I could recover, he whipped his massive fist into a right cross that took me in the jaw.
      • He was very mobile for a man his size and he had a pretty fair right cross.
      • He had an excellent one-two combination and a surprisingly stiff right cross, which enabled him to score a number of early knockouts.

  • 4

    cut on the cross cortado al bies / al sesgo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (go across)
    (road) cruzar
    (desert/river) cruzar
    (desert/river) atravesar
    it crossed my/her/his mind that ... se me/le ocurrió que ...
  • 2

    (lie across)
    (railway/bridge/road) cruzar
    (railway/road/bridge) atravesar
  • 3

    (put crosswise)
    (arms/legs) cruzar
    to cross one's eyes poner los ojos bizcos
    • we have a crossed line se han cruzado las líneas
    • to have one's lines / wires crossed
    • those two seem to have their lines crossed parece que esos dos no hablan el mismo idioma
    • I think maybe we've got our wires crossed me parece que no hablamos de lo mismo
  • 4

    (put line through)
    to cross the t ponerle el palito a la t
  • 5British

    crossed cheque cheque cruzado masculine
  • 6

    (breeds/plants) cruzar
    to cross sth with sth cruzar algo con algo
  • 7

    (go against)
    (person) contrariar
    (plans) frustrar
    she doesn't like to be crossed no le gusta que la contraríen
    • to be crossed in love ser desventurado en amores
  • 8

    (ball) cruzar
    (ball) tirar cruzado

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (walk across road)
    to cross over (the road) cruzar (la calle)
    • before crossing look both ways antes de cruzar mire en ambos sentidos
    • shall we cross over? ¿cruzamos?
  • 2

    (paths/roads) cruzarse
  • 3

    (pass one another)
    (letters) cruzarse

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to cross oneself (cross oneself) persignarse



  • 1

    enojado Latin America
    enfadado Spain
    estar enfadado por algo Spain
    they've been married 50 years and never a cross word! llevan casados 50 años y nunca se han levantado la voz
    • to get cross enojarse
    • it makes me cross me da rabia
    • I'm so cross with myself for forgetting estoy furiosa conmigo misma por haberme olvidado
    • to be cross about sth estar enojado por algo