Translation of cross-examine in Spanish:


repreguntar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌkrɒsɪɡˈzamɪn//ˌkrɔsəɡˈzæmən/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (witness) repreguntar
    (witness) contrainterrogar Chile
    • He then attempted to cross-examine this key prosecution witness.
    • She had heard the entire prosecution case and her barrister had cross-examined all the witnesses produced on behalf of the Crown.
    • Another point was that the co-accused's counsel cross-examined a number of witnesses to suggest that women generally were in fear of my client.
    • Witnesses will not be cross-examined during their first appearance before the tribunal.
    • In fact, he did attend to cross-examine one further witness but otherwise took no active part in the proceedings thereafter.
    • The prosecution even declined to cross-examine the last defense witness.
    • Witnesses were called and cross-examined, counsel addressed the jury, the judge summed up, and the jury convicted.
    • He referred to how prosecution witnesses were cross-examined.
    • He would have known that his giving a name could lead to his being summonsed to court and to being cross-examined.
    • She rejected the alternative of an adjournment for what was said to be a further day or day and a half to enable witnesses to be cross-examined.
    • This ruling should also be clear that I am not precluding the defence from cross-examining the third party on this issue.
    • The appellant gave evidence and was cross-examined at length.
    • Then he went on to talk about the length of time that the Crown Prosecutor had cross-examined those witnesses who had been called by the appellant.
    • The case involved a woman who was denied legal aid having to cross-examine in court the man she alleged had physically abused her.
    • He certainly was cross-examined, this witness, and on this letter.
    • He said each state witness had been extensively cross-examined, and the court had no reason to rule any of them evasive or to doubt their veracity.
    • Witnesses may be cross-examined by the defendant and the presenter.
    • They are neutral observers who can challenge the prosecution and cross-examine witnesses.
    • Her counsel also suggests, in cross-examining a prosecution eye witness, Gary, that he had been high on heroin on the night of the alleged murder and that his account of events was not therefore reliable.
    • Politics, however, cannot be kept out of the trial without abandoning some fundamentals of the rule of law, like allowing the defendant to cross-examine witnesses for the prosecution.