Translation of cross reference in Spanish:

cross reference

remisión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɔs ˈˌrɛf(ə)rəns//ˌkrɒs ˈrɛfrəns/


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    remisión feminine
    • All cross references would be removed as soon as technically possible until the system can be fixed.
    • There are cross references connecting families to their relatives in different towns and counties.
    • Finally, as a result of this legislation, a consequential amendment makes a change in a cross reference contained in the Privacy Act.
    • Then there are other things, such as amending clause 92 to omit the unneeded cross reference, for example.
    • There, that information could be collated with other profiles, to create a social network map of blog cross references.
    • It will be seen that there is a cross reference to paragraph 9.79.
    • Our catalogs are complete with private brand cross references.
    • Once opened, the cross references expand when you allow the mouse to hover over them.
    • Some sort of cross reference between the photograph and part is desirable although labour intensive if carried out manually.
    • He thumbed through his study Bible filled with commentaries and cross references.
    • The index seems adequate although there are no cross references at the end of the alphabetical entries themselves.
    • When necessary we accessed cross references and related articles.
    • I loved the extra cross references, summaries, and test questions complete with the correct answers.
    • Follow the cross references from one essay to the next.
    • The entry concludes with cross references to other articles.
    • It is well written, thoroughly researched, with copious cross references.
    • I wanted to find out about money-laundering, so I pressed Google and followed a complex web of cross references.
    • In my own case, since I am unfamiliar with some of the formulas in this text, I found myself constantly referring to cross reference lists to be sure what I was reading.
    • Give cross references that may throw extra light on a passage or a word.
    • I thought Justice Hunt gave a cross reference in one of these footnotes.

transitive verb

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    to cross-reference sth to sth remitir de algo a algo
    • Researchers maintain that the very nature of knowledge is different in the digital age because information held on computers can be cross-referenced and linked.
    • There will be cross-referenced information about corporations and NGOs, mission statements and news about causes and campaigns.
    • Although almost impossible to navigate in any structured way, the exhaustively cross-referenced internal links allow you to surf endlessly from topic to topic.
    • The program essentially cross-references government records from both public and private databases, putting together a dossier on individuals for use by law enforcement.
    • It is cross-referenced to include the diverse services some companies provide, so you can surf by manufacturer alphabetically, or by type of product.
    • To my chagrin, I notice that the two sets of documents are cross-referenced.
    • In the longer-term, it is envisaged a national insurance database, which will enable insurance details to be cross-referenced, will be established as required under an EU directive.
    • The book is exhaustively cross-referenced and indexed in an additional 200 pages, making it a trivia buff's wet dream.
    • Each entry is also cross-referenced with others, and after the last page of the novel is a subject index.
    • The quotes are carefully cross-referenced to the original interviews, and references are provided for the scientific literature that is cited.
    • All the entries are cross-referenced, so you'll never have to worry about running across an unfamiliar term.
    • The comprehensive database and cross-referenced web site provides a platform for further discourse and analytical study.
    • The book is fully cross-referenced and has a useful Thematic Index along with a clear and valuable Introduction.
    • Each entry is carefully cross-referenced.
    • But the best feature of the site is that all the material is cross-referenced, providing a single source for reliable information.
    • There'll be a new beautifully annotated and cross-referenced entry every day.
    • His superb appendix provides an exhaustive guide cross-referencing Williams's works and biblical references.
    • Nor is that the only omission in this alphabetised and thematically cross-referenced compendium of ‘hypocrisy, prudery and deceit’.
    • Some of the more advanced FAQ lists are actually knowledge bases with cross-referencing capabilities similar to the library card catalog, but there is a better way.
    • Many entries cross-reference others, and an index further assists readers in locating topics.

intransitive verb

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    to cross-reference to sth remitir a algo