Translation of crossbreed in Spanish:


cruce, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɒsbriːd//ˈkrɔsbrid/


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    cruce masculine
    cruza feminine Latin America
    • Sally with her handler Laura proved that cross-breeds are just as good at obedience and agility as their pedigree counterparts.
    • The tiny cross-breeds, no more than four weeks old, were dumped by a mystery man seen leaving the cardboard box in a field.
    • The five cross-breed puppies, no more than four weeks old, were found terrified and dehydrated.
    • Cadras were a cross-breed of a donkey and a camel, and were common travelling animals.
    • The puppies are all black and white cross-breeds and show clear signs of having collie or terrier in their breeding line.
    • Pure breeding produces more uniform stock but the advantages of cross-breed vigour are lost.
    • They took in four young unwanted cross-breed dogs last month.
    • As any good breeder of any animal will tell us, the straight breed is not the problem; it is the cross-breed.
    • When they approached the railway bridge, the cross-breed dog, Basil, started to chase something.
    • The brave bobby dragged cross-breed Max from a fierce house fire seconds before a huge explosion ripped through the house.
    • Other results showed that there was no distinction between pedigree and mongrel dogs although pedigree cats performed better than cross-breed cats.
    • That is a reasonable ask of the owners of such dogs, regardless of whether their dogs are cross-breeds.
    • The dog, a brown and grey cross-breed thought to be four or five years old, was taken in to the police station by someone who claimed it was a stray.
    • The canine has triumphed in the northern heat of the cross-breed awards.
    • The two dogs were cross-breeds of a mastiff and bull terrier.
    • The cross-breed puppy will be trained to be the ‘ears’ of a deaf person as a living testimony to the lifetime she has spent raising money for deaf people.
    • This cross-breed pooch's predicament behind bars is a taste of more to come as many animals given as Christmas gifts become unwanted.

transitive verbcrossbred

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