Translation of crosscurrent in Spanish:


contracorriente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɔsˌkərənt///


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    contracorriente feminine
    • Anchors are installed on both sides of the roadway to maintain its position in cross-currents and tide changes.
    • The pictures showed that when the water reached a certain speed, it began to break into eddies, waves and cross-currents.
    • Obviously you get caught in cross-currents both ways.
    • The water level continued to rise, and swift cross-currents developed.
    • In any case two days campaigning for the second round does seem to be a very short time, with large numbers of MP's switching their support like strong cross-currents in an ocean.
    • The trick once down was to keep an eye on bubbles and fish behaviour for telltale signs of cross-currents and whirlpools.