Translation of crosspiece in Spanish:


travesaño, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɔsˌpis//ˈkrɒspiːs//ˈkrɑsˌpis/


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    travesaño masculine
    • As Adam stood, he too leaned on the redwood crosspiece, his bottle dangling in his hands as his shoulders hunched forward.
    • It was a rough construction of old boards nailed together with crosspieces.
    • Next, measure for and cut the lower 2x4 crosspiece (and an identical one for Step 10) and the two 45-degree braces.
    • Near the top of each post is nailed a crosspiece about 18 inches long.
    • The basic design involves two upright posts for each section, with a crosspiece connecting them.
    • We screwed short crosspieces near the bottom of each leg, burying them in the gravel to resist tipping.
    • These are then put together with a bolt long enough to slide through the main body, and the crosspieces, and with a butterfly nut on the top to allow easy loosening and tightening.
    • The overburden at some points compressed twelve-inch overhead crosspieces, or caps, to two-inch thicknesses in a year.
    • I cover bramble rows with a fine mesh net, placing stakes with T-shaped crosspieces every 6 feet to keep the mesh from getting entangled with the plants.
    • The crosspieces were circular and made of black stone, shot through with veins of grey.
    • It was a double-edged middle sword with a simple crosspiece and handle.
    • Carved crosspieces are lashed to the frame with rattan.
    • The trellis top, which consists of two pairs of horizontal crosspieces, is added piece by piece.
    • Skittles come shaped like mushrooms or as small thin posts with metal crosspieces.
    • Wooden power poles are installed with the intended use of supporting wires that are mounted either directly to the pole itself or to a crosspiece.
    • He noticed a pack of book matches lying on one of the flat, iron crosspieces between the bars.
    • It looks like your grandma's old rooftop TV antenna, with a single long axis and several shorter crosspieces.
    • I clung to a crosspiece between two beams, to catch my breath.
    • The logs, laid horizontally across the iron frame, are lashed to the crosspieces with sturdy twine.
    • The blade was set into a rounded cone-shaped hilt piece, from which sprang a finely-crafted crosspiece carved into the shape of silver angel wings.