Translation of crotch in Spanish:


entrepierna, n.

Pronunciation /krɑtʃ//krɒtʃ/


  • 1

    entrepierna feminine
    • In pants, full front thighs create diagonal wrinkles, pulling from the inside legs at the crotch.
    • Trousers should be worn on your hips, preferably with a low-rise, which is a shorter distance between the top of the waistband and the crotch of your pants.
    • Sew just a crotch lining so the seams enclosed between the lining and the swimsuit fabric.
    • He ended up with scalding tea down his shirtfront and crotch, but was unharmed.
    • The inseam is the length from the base of the crotch to the bottom of your pant leg at the seam.
    • The black trousers split at the crotch, and split again when I mended them.
    • One way to solve your problem is to wear trousers that are longer from the crotch to the waistband.
    • There should be enough room in the crotch of the pants for you to sit and walk comfortably, without being excessively baggy.
    • When fitting the crotch, keep in mind that the back crotch seam will stretch because it's on the bias.
    • The length from the crotch to the waistband is called the rise.
    • Firstly, the jeans had been worn by somebody for a whole year, with repeated washes, so as to achieve the proper sort of tiger-striped fading round the crotch and pale patches round the knees.
    • The best clothes for these day to day needs are simple body suits with snaps at the crotch.
    • In other words, avoid overalls and shirts that snap in the crotch.
    • Cecilia, one of my club divers, is only 5ft 2in, and the crotch flapped around her ankles.
  • 2

    (genital area)
    entrepierna feminine
    • The bottom of the window frame cuts off our view of their bodies at crotch level.
    • At one point in the show he imitated a guy in the front row, leaning back with his hand on his crotch, as if he were watching a movie.
    • I had worn lightweight jogging shorts and knew that on certain equipment, particularly upright bikes and straddled equipment, the crotch might be exposed.
    • You cannot scratch at your crotch or your armpit while wearing the jacket because it just looks weird.
    • He hung there, layered with ice as hailstones formed, a grey powdery coating rushing out of the mauve and grey mist, invading his ears and nostrils, feathering his eyebrows, freezing his crotch.
    • Hip circumference was defined as the widest point, between the iliac crest and the crotch.
    • In the second piece, the actual scans, moving through the artist's body from neck to crotch in speedy animation are set to the music of Ava Maria.
    • He had been wounded in the abdomen and in the crotch.
    • Squat to see if pants gap in back, or cut into the crotch.
    • I felt bodies brush against me, hands caress my arms and thighs, squeeze my crotch.
    • Kelly rolled his eyes back and adjusted his crotch.
    • It is a kick in the crotch, a punch to the kidney and a savage body slam.
    • All women should be conversant with basic self - defence, including how to punch the solar plexus and kick at the crotch.
    • Mind you, I was pretty sure by this point that the majority of my coffee was either on my crotch or in the back of the cars.
    • I moved my hands on his waist and positioned my crotch behind Jason.