Translation of crotchet in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɒtʃɪt//ˈkrɑtʃət/


  • 1US

    it/he has its/his little crotchets! ¡tiene sus mañas!
  • 2British

    negra feminine
    • Furthermore, a comparison of the way in which crotchets and quavers are notated makes it likely that the same scribe copied both works.
    • He certainly captures the remoteness of that distant planet, with the relentless ‘processional’ of bass crotchets, which opens and concludes the piece.
    • The process was simple: composers strictly followed the metre of the verse, setting long, accented syllables as minims, and short, unaccented ones as crotchets.
    • In this connection it is noteworthy that the violins in bars 3-4 play in dotted crotchets, the three-eight equivalent of the original dotted minims.
    • An F# major mode is set out in a layered contrapuntal texture, piccolo and violins marking the fast crotchet beat while glockenspiel, celesta and sampler cut across this with triplet rhythms and a few dissonant pitches.