Translation of crotchety in Spanish:


cascarrabias, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɑtʃədi//ˈkrɒtʃɪti/



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    (invariable adjective) cascarrabias
    • I was feeling miserable and crotchety and on the point of collapse.
    • The three women are, respectively, crotchety old lady, hothead cynic, and frustrated, overachieving go-between.
    • Children will have to feel they can enjoy the activities, she says - and it would help if they could be given a snack, too, so they weren't too hungry and crotchety by the time their parents came to pick them up.
    • If my feet are comfortable, then I don't get crotchety and start moaning.
    • At the risk of sounding crotchety, I must point out at least one - the most common and persistent one - of these mistakes of loose thinking.
    • I find myself despairing and crotchety about aspects of modern life.
    • Amy has a lurcher, who I've looked after on occasion, and she takes my crotchety terrier.
    • Instead, I felt sort of tense, crotchety and out of control most of the day.
    • He was crotchety and cantankerous, but he was always a familiar face to see on the scene.
    • The truth of the matter is, we just live by an increasingly crotchety woman who hates progress.
    • Now, I'm supposed to be pithy in this column, full of cute and snide comments about my Midwestern family, how they don't get it, how they're getting old and crotchety.
    • The crotchety and the crooked have their vulnerabilities and kindnesses, and no-one is wholly good or bad.
    • Papa has always been a crotchety, grouchy, grumpy yet extremely lovable old coot.
    • Call me a crotchety curmudgeon, but I started on this book with two mental blocks.
    • I was raised by some pretty crotchety people who feel that moral responsibility starts with the individual first, society after.
    • His trademark cold, monotone delivery and crotchety attitude has often been imitated but never matched.
    • Now, at almost 60, she has grown into a crotchety, cantankerous old woman who, nonetheless, has a deeply sensitive underside and a great affection for the children she minds.
    • Well, as I am getting older, I find that I'm getting - I don't know - more crotchety?
    • In his early 40s, he was prematurely crotchety.
    • It's hard to stay crotchety about Christmas when my flatmates are all spirited.