Translation of crowbar in Spanish:


palanca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrəʊbɑː//ˈkroʊˌbɑr/


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    palanca feminine
    • Tools with cutting edges, bludgeons, crowbars, hammers, saws and drills will continue to be prohibited, along with any tool that is more than seven inches long.
    • The eight-member team used a sniffer dog, drills, chain saws and crowbars to pull Tariq free.
    • It looked like someone had used a blowtorch and a crowbar and it prompted concerns that they may try to do so again.
    • The car slammed to a stop and four young men piled out, one with a baseball bat, another with a crowbar or tire iron.
    • We armed ourselves with axes, crowbars, jemmies, metal poles, sledge hammers, a quart of paraffin and box of matches.
    • They then went to work with crowbars and a sledgehammer on the wood boarding up the windows.
    • It was forced off by either a crowbar or a jemmy and it must have been difficult to get off.
    • Of course, someone would have to use a crowbar to lever me away from my computer these days but for the vast majority who hate computers this should be a blessing.
    • Narrow access roads, swamps and paddy fields surrounding the disaster site made it difficult for rescue teams to bring in heavy equipment, forcing them to use hammers and crowbars to try to reach the trapped victims.
    • So we eventually ended up getting the man who operates the tile cutters to come in; two crowbars and some very sharp knives and some very big blokes to hang off the end of the crowbars to get the leverage off.
    • For this you will need a hammer, pry-bar, putty knife, screwdriver, crowbar, ladder and saw.
    • She had the crowbar in both hands and was trying to lever apart a wide slat at the point where it was joined to the bottom of the crate.
    • After you've cut around the opening, pry the roofing materials loose with a crowbar and hammer; save asphalt shingles to use for patching around the skylight.
    • He thought the thieves had used a crowbar or chisel-type instrument to force a rear door at the school and possibly tampered with an outdoor security light.
    • I don't think Friday's incident was a serious attempt to break into the shop as they had just used a crowbar to jemmy the shutters apart.
    • For days together, the trenches remain open, getting deeper and wider every night as groups of workers go about their task with hammers, pick axes, crowbars and shovels.