Translation of crowd in Spanish:


muchedumbre, n.

Pronunciation /kraʊd//kraʊd/


  • 1

    (gathering of people)
    muchedumbre feminine
    multitud feminine
    gentío masculine
    a large crowd had gathered se había congregado una muchedumbre / una gran multitud / un gentío
    • a crowd of spectators una multitud de espectadores
    • she pushed her way through the crowd se abrió paso entre la muchedumbre / la multitud / el gentío
    • the game is expected to attract a good crowd se espera que el partido atraiga mucho público
    • the accident drew a large crowd el accidente atrajo / congregó a muchos curiosos
    • the singer drew a large crowd el cantante atrajo mucho público
    • there was quite a crowd había mucha gente
    • crowds of shoppers/tourists multitud de clientes/turistas
    • to pass in a crowd estar pasable
    • before noun crowd scene escena multitudinaria
    • crowd trouble disturbios del público
    • It used to be that if there was a crowd of people gathered together and having a conversation, Jeff tended not to join in.
    • A huge crowd gathered from all over the area to honour their dead on this special occasion.
    • All day the crowds had gathered, families and groups of friends picking their spots on the hill in front of the great marquee which housed the stage, or under its protecting canvas.
    • And over at the Haji Sophia - Istanbul's famous mosque - crowds were gathering to celebrate the end of Ramadan.
    • Conal did three encores and the whole crowd got to their feet, clapped, cheered and just refused to sit down.
    • As the band came on to a squall of screams, the whole crowd surged to their feet - even where we were, up in the circle.
    • Soldiers were positioned at strategic points in the city and at election rallies where huge crowds gathered.
    • The whole crowd were in tears laughing at him - myself and the other fifty people in the audience.
    • An even more interesting thing is the crowd's reaction to the fight.
    • A huge crowd had gathered in the town centre for the service.
    • It's only when you retire to the loos and find a whole crowd smoking there that you realise that the flight has been delayed two hours.
    • The news was immediately announced to huge crowds gathered in the famous square in Rome.
    • A huge crowd had gathered at the venue and a TV crew, which had also arrived, found it too noisy to shoot.
    • And in Belgrade's cafés and clubs, the party crowd gathers every day, noisy and unashamedly happy.
    • Within an hour, a huge crowd had gathered to watch it enter the new harbour and berth at the quay.
    • A huge crowd has gathered around the building, which has been cordoned off by the police.
    • He looks out the front window to where crowds gathered to meet them every evening they came home from the stadium.
    • A huge crowd gathered to cheer us on and salute our achievement and more than any other time it was greatly appreciated.
    • Apart from the crowds which gathered outside the magistrates court to catch a glimpse of the self-confessed killer, thousands more went to the disused and flooded quarry.
    • I returned to meet up with them and found a crowd gathered and my brother's best friend screaming out for me.
    • Huge crowds gathered to witness a host of snakes on St Patrick's Day, not all of them were non-venomous.
    • On its evening newscast, state television showed ambulances rushing to the scene as huge crowds of people gathered outside the main gate of the mine.
    • Large crowds have gathered to protest the decision.
    • Each evening, the crowds gather to party, drink and dance.
    • The programme that drew the glamour-struck crowd was the weakest link in the cultural show.
    • And when that time came the whole crowd roared and sang at full volume.
    • The difference now is that the best of the younger crowd seem to regard the screen as more attractive.
    • With each new action, meetings convened, crowds gathered, and messengers raced back and forth between the colonies.
    • She was about to hit her again but a crowd gathered around, staring at Anna's bleeding nose.
    • The museum consistently draws a crowd interested in connecting art and philosophy through lifelong learning.
  • 2derogatory

    (masses, average folk)
    she isn't just one of the crowd no es del montón
    • the show caters for the crowd el espectáculo está pensado para el gran público
    • to go with / follow the crowd seguir (a) la manada
    • to stand out from/rise above the crowd destacar(se)
    • For gaming this motherboard can keep up with the rest of the crowd without issue, putting out the numbers we expect it to.
    • What is striking about the book is where it did not follow the crowd.
    • You had the crowd behind you and everything!
    • All in all, this song is a piece of hip-hop that stands pretty far apart from the rest of the crowd.
    • As with most things, I'm not interested in following the crowd or doing the same things as other people.
    • In times marked by uncertainty and fear, it's easy to succumb to the comfort of the crowd.
    • Those trying to separate themselves from the crowd are inadvertently joining a large crowd of people who no one would want to be associated with in the first place.
    • Unless the manager reaches a level of excellence and effectiveness that sets him apart from the others whom he is managing, he will be merely a face in the crowd and not an achiever.
    • How do you stand out from the crowd when the crowd is among the loudest, wildest concentrations of extrovert party animals on the face of the Earth?
    • She must face the ghosts of her past, swallow her pride, and compete with a handful of less talented dancers for the opportunity to be just another pair of legs in the crowd.
    • I try to be humble in my martial arts, but in my movie career I can not be like that or I will get lost in the crowd.
  • 3informal

    (group, set)
    gente feminine
    the crowd from the office la gente de la oficina
    • they are a nice crowd son gente simpática
    • I thought she was one of Jane's crowd creí que era de la pandilla / del grupo de Jane
  • 4informal

    (large number)
    montón masculine
    I had a crowd of things on my mind tenía un montón de cosas en la cabeza

intransitive verb

  • 1

    people crowded outside la gente se aglomeró afuera
    • the fans crowded around him los admiradores se aglomeraron a su alrededor
    • we opened the doors and they crowded into the hall abrimos las puertas y entraron en tropel a la sala

transitive verb

  • 1

    (people) llenar
    (people) abarrotar
    the characters that crowd the pages of the novel los personajes que pueblan las páginas de la novela
    • they must have crowded over 50,000 people into the stadium deben haber metido a más de 50.000 personas en el estadio
    • don't try to crowd everything onto one page no trates de meter todo en una página
    • Two strides take a visitor into the only other room, where a bed, TV, couch and computer table crowd the compact space.
    • But a V-shaped column crowds the central area, and the heavy structure oppresses the space.
    • The bus was very crowded with a number of people standing as all the seats were occupied.
    • York has also the tourist network to deal with the massive influx in numbers crowding the city's hotels.
    • Tempting to send them off in the wrong direction I know, but the pavements are crowded enough round here as it is.
    • Jones has a cherubic face, a gappy smile and a loud voice, which probably comes in handy when he is shouting across crowded rooms.
    • This woman's entire extended family visited for extended periods, crowding the room, and making it noisy and very hot.
    • In the center of the small bedroom is a double bed draped with handmade quilts, and the small group of women crowds the narrow spaces surrounding it.
    • A few head south for university, but find it hard to adjust to crowded cities and often return within weeks.
    • Four hundred other destitute families crowd a relief camp in a school a few kilometres up the road.
    • Still, flu sufferers are crowding emergency rooms all across the country.
    • Jeddah led them off into one of the side mazes of the market, a less crowded area.
    • It didn't hurt that large numbers of both buyers and sellers have crowded the field.
    • Instead of a healthy quota of 40 trees an acre, the region is crowded with as many as 568 an acre.
    • Fire engines, police cars and ambulances crowded the area cordoned off to the public.
    • In the very crowded skies of north-east America, planes are restricted to very tightly controlled lanes.
    • The first couple of times, I dismissed it as being an accidental brush because the bar areas were crowded, as usual.
    • This was a very close and exciting game with a large number of supporters crowding the field to cheer on their teams.
    • We moved to rural Norfolk from Hong Kong, which at that point was the most crowded city in the world.
    • By now the room is crowded, potential bidders making sure they have a good view of the auctioneer.
  • 2informal

    (put pressure on)
    stop crowding me deja de acosarme / hostigarme
    • She sat with her hands on the steering wheel as the implications of what she'd heard crowded in on her.
    • The demands of his latest job have crowded in on his social life to the extent he has still to find time for a fishing trip to Inverness.
    • We were getting on really well, but our conversation had got really heavy and I didn't know whether I was crowding her or not.
    • The artist making the colourful beads and ornaments from polymer clay has people crowding in on her so much that it looks as if the table might tip.
    • The heat of asphalt, the lunacy of traffic and the depravity of narrow alleys crowd in on the characters.
    • At break I saw her and smiled but didn't go over as I was afraid of crowding her.
    • When I return to the flat from my clinic I crouch down and the dogs crowd me, shoving and licking my face.
    • It stands to reason that when you're waiting to use a cash machine, try not to crowd the person who's already using it.
    • He walked over and sat beside her with enough room that he wasn't crowding her.
    • A rush ensues while I bag everything as the next customer usually starts crowding me.
    • I was partly awakened by noise and a couple of guys crowding me as they sat on the edge of my cot.
    • They'll crowd so close to the wagon that sometimes you've got to ask them to step back.
    • There's no way that the players or management staff, or those who still man the offices and shop, are immune to the confusion crowding in on their place of work.
    • Because he's a cat everyone intrinsically likes him, but he doesn't really like people crowding him.
    • Though we were separated by a large teak desk, Bur still managed to crowd me in somehow.
    • She had chosen not to live in California so she could be her own person and avoid crowding him.
    • The man simply moved closer, crowding her until she was backed up against the wall.
    • It is difficult to describe. I feel as though I have a whole pile of tasks and chores crowding me.
    • Brandon had longed for solitude for the last four weeks - but now he had been finally left alone, all his thoughts were racing, crowding in on him, emotions that he couldn't handle.
    • I was use to working in the warehouse where there was lots of room and you were never crowded.
    • Dara and Mac don't need me crowding their space when they return from their honeymoon.
    • But when I think that we might have to move, the negatives crowd in and overwhelm me.
    • Avoid crowding your planted pots close together, as your plants need good air circulation and growing room.
    • Tell her that you want to be her friend, but she crowds you too much.
    • He tried crowding him and using his strength and that had no effect.
    • Support drifts away into nostalgia and conspiracy theories as other parties crowd in on key policies