Translation of crown in Spanish:


corona, n.

Pronunciation: /kraʊn//kraʊn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of monarch)

      corona feminine
      the last monarch to wear the crown of Greece el último monarca en llevar la corona de Grecia
      • crown of thorns corona de espinas
      • When the king's magic crown is stolen, his magic kingdom is plunged into crisis.
      • Hundreds of ancient artifacts were stolen, including manuscripts, gold crowns, crosses and chaises.
      • Shifting from one cramped position to another, she caught a glimpse of Malcolm, looking very princely in his crown and royal robes.
      • She lowered herself onto her own ornamental throne and did her best to appear regal although her head could barely hold the unaccustomed weight of her gold crown.
      • A congressman brought the crown on a velvet cushion.
      • I rolled my eyes at him, while he put the golden crown on top of my head.
      • Room after room of the Armoury reveals incredible riches, including the imperial crown, mace and sceptre of the Tsars.
      • On his head was placed a gold crown which was also set with sapphires.
      • He had a very wrinkled face and protruding white hair under his golden crown.
      • Her vivid jade eyes matched the emeralds that decorated her crown.
      • The crown and sceptre, still used to inaugurate the new king or queen in England, are symbols of the supernatural power that resides in the monarch.
      • I smiled as he took the hat off of my head and replaced it with the crown.
      • His golden crown, laden with jewels, sat on his chest.
      • This is a rare example of a once popular print and presents a traditional representation of the monarch with crown, orb and sceptre, the instruments of monarchical power.
      • I saw him reach over me and I felt him place the crown on my head.
      • Several months earlier Sir Henry Mildmay had been summoned to give an account of the whereabouts of the crowns, robes, sceptres and jewels.
      • He was an imposing figure, and for all that he wore no crown or sign of office, one could not have mistaken his rank, nor his authority.
      • She stood up and placed a tall spiky crown on her head.
      • Mines in the neighbouring hills area have produced lead, silver and gold, including gold that was used in the making of a crown for James V and his queen.
      • Both of them had gold crowns on top of their heads.

    • 1.2

      the Crown la corona
      • Feudal armies were not permanent institutions, but temporary assemblies put together by the crown for specific objectives.
      • British liberal and opposition writing up to 1789 concentrated almost entirely on the dangers of the excessive power of the crown.
      • By the time Queen Victoria came to the throne, the crown's power had declined so much that the Queen found that she couldn't even choose her own ladies of the bedchamber.
      • In colonial America loyalists to the crown were called Tories.
      • The Sejm possessed full legislative powers, and the crown could issue laws only with its consent.
      • But he kept his kingdoms in peace at home and abroad, he preserved the powers of the crown, and he held the church firmly to a middle course.
      • Thus at the demise of the clergyman, the title and lands would revert back to the crown to be awarded to someone else.
      • Cromwell was lead out to the block and read his sentence, something about treason against the crown and some other things the Privy Council thought up.
      • However, they were most likely commissioned by the French crown to decorate the splendid buffet at the wedding banquet and then given to the couple.
      • The assumption of direct power by the crown was not wholly welcomed by settlers.
      • Disguised as a priest, he escaped to America, where he proudly proclaimed himself a republican revolutionary and a traitor to the British crown.
      • The soldiers were ready to spill the blood of the people to enforce the rule of the crown.
      • Nominal damages of one shilling were awarded to the crown, which had claimed 100 pounds.
      • The crown employed the first Ghanaian doctor in 1887.
      • The inventories of the wedding presents given by the crown to royal brides show the popularity of boxes decorated with enamels.
      • Some historians credit her involvement in the War of 1812 as the turning point which led to peace between American forces and those loyal to the British crown.
      • He was conscious of the power of the crown to excite the popular imagination and opposed attempts by some of his colleagues to reduce the civil list: the monarchy was nothing if it was not splendid.
      • He also asserted the crown's power with an iron will, though, particularly when he embarked on the great adventure of separating the English church from that of Rome.
      • James remains as one of the most successful rulers of Scotland, extending the powers of the crown over the Church and to the Highlands and the Isles.
      • Our claim has been made to Her Majesty, the Crown, not the Government of Queensland.

  • 2

    (of hill) cima feminine
    (of tree) copa feminine
    (of tooth) corona feminine
    (of head) coronilla feminine
    (of hat) copa feminine
    (of road) centro masculine
    • Your dentist can also give you advice about replacing your metal fillings and crowns with tooth-coloured ones.
    • The gold and platinum options provide 50% cover for serious restorative work, including crowns and bridges.
    • With your hands by your hips, reach down into the earth with your fingertips as you lift up through your spine and the crown of your head.
    • I went to other dentists who flat out refused to fix my teeth with crowns because of my insurance.
    • I felt him press his lips to the crown of my head, and in an instant, I fell into a dreamless trance, resting limply in his arms.
    • Recently, I had some dental work done that called for putting temporary crowns on my two front teeth.
    • Hair at the front of the head was braided in diagonal cornrows from the crown to the ends.
    • Tooth-colored resins are also more attractive. But in cases of fracture, extensive decay, or malformation of baby teeth, dentists often opt for stainless steel crowns.
    • Non-routine dental expenses, including crowns, bridgework, periodontal and orthodontic treatment, do qualify for tax relief.
    • Barblow smiled revealing a gold tooth and many silver crowns.
    • For decades, dentists have had ways and means of replacing the tooth crown, but not the root.
    • Enamel, the hardest tissue in the body, covers the dentin and forms the outermost layer of the crown.
    • If you're out for a big night and want some serious volume, spray some super-hold hairspray at the crown of your head and backcomb your hair to give it an extra lift.
    • Peter hugged her back and kissed the crown of her head.
    • She smiled, leaning her cheek on the crown of his head.
    • After washing and conditioning your hair, comb it from the crown to the ends and let it air-dry.
    • At the second appointment, your dentist will take off the temporary crown and cement the gold or porcelain one in place.
    • Our campsite sat on the crown of a gentle hill.
    • His $3-million business, CQC Dental Laboratory, which makes dental crowns and dentures, faced new pressures.
    • When he reached the crown of the hill, the guard shouted out to him.
    • Under the harsh light, the long tufts of golden brown hair sprouting from the crown of his head reminded Lucy of a lion's mane.
    • He walked to the rounded crown of the hill, he procured a metal box from his backpack, unhooking it from a solar battery, and set it down on the earth.
    • A mould is taken in a putty-like material so that the laboratory can make a crown that fits the tooth perfectly.
    • I changed the outline of the cut to suit her face and gave her more height at the crown to complement her features.
    • All you need to do is push and pull at the crown of the tooth with your tongue.
    • He nodded down toward her and gently touched his lips to the crown of her head.
    • Defects that occur during the development of the enamel of the tooth crown are quite commonly encountered in the archaeological record.
    • A year or so ago, he was asked to advise a man who suffered from spiky hair at the crown of his head.
    • Unwind by sitting quietly and mentally scanning your body from the crown of your head down.
    • Bleaching won't work on false teeth, crowns, veneers or fillings (including tooth-coloured fillings).
    • There are two parts to a tooth: the crown, which is covered by enamel and is the visible part of the tooth, and the root, which lies underneath the gums.
    • Spray a bit of hair spray onto the crown of your hair and backcomb to give it some volume.
    • She was standing beside Telli on the crown of Horn Hill.
    • When the tooth is found, it is important to handle it only by the crown and not at the root end.
    • Root-filled teeth are more brittle than live ones and in some cases your dentist may suggest placing a crown on the tooth to protect what remains of the tooth structure.
    • Your dentist (or a specialist called an endodontist) takes out the decayed pulp, fills the space with a paste, and covers the tooth with a crown to protect and seal it.
    • It occupies the crown of a big hill, and it is so hush-hush that it doesn't have a name that I can tell you or that anyone would tell me.
    • This species is distinguished by the cutting-edges on its flattened tooth crowns, which are otherwise unknown among ichthyosaurs.
    • He required a long course of treatment to repair his teeth, including gum surgery, implants, bridges and crowns.
    • Her friends alerted her to the guy's attention, and she casually pushed her sunglasses to the crown of her head and gave him a genuine smile.
    • When Ko reluctantly sat down in her new seat, the man next to her gave out a long, low whistle and grinned, exposing his six gaping teeth with a gold crown.
    • Each tooth is divided into a crown that projects into the mouth and a root that is embedded into the jaws.
    • Relax the most resistant hair first, which is usually at the back of the head or at the crown.
    • Artificial tooth supports surgically set in the jaw are used in combination with bridges, dentures and crowns to replace any number of missing teeth.
    • For a messy look, tease the hair on the crown of your head, adding height.
    • The crowns of the cheek teeth are relatively simple, with transverse basins separated by enamel ridges.
    • What they uncovered eventually at the crown of the hill was a huge, oval-shaped monument measuring about 170 metres at its widest point.
    • In fact, at birth the crowns of the milk teeth are almost complete and the chewing surfaces of the permanent molars have begun to form.
    • The crowns, bridges or dentures are generally easily replaced, providing the implant underneath is not damaged.
    • I pulled it all back, keeping it neat, and put it into a ponytail almost on the crown of my head.
    • The tooth crowns range in size from 21 to 30 mm (measured at a right angle to the plane formed at the base of the enamel).
    • He was leaning against the wall for support, his right arm and the crown of his head mottled with fermenting bruises.
    • Some treatments, particularly cosmetic treatments like porcelain crowns, could be had for one third of the cost in the North.
    • Probably the most important development in dentistry, implants can be used singly, to support a crown, or in groups to stabilise dentures or bridges.
    • With a sense of drama and spectacle, the Incas often built on the crown of a ridge.
    • The outer layer of enamel is an extremely hard, highly mineralized, crystalline structure that covers and protects the crown of the tooth.
    • Teeth form mainly from neuroectoderm and comprise a crown of insensitive enamel surrounding sensitive dentine and a root that has no enamel covering.
    • He had no tattoos or other distinguishing body marks but he had two crowns on teeth to the front of his right upper jaw, possibly suggesting an accident or sporting injury.
    • Can't quite imagine yourself with your hair gathered loosely at the crown with tousled waves flowing down your neck… but like the idea?
    • This polished section of a tooth crown reveals figure-eight patterns of the blue mineral vivianite, a phosphate of iron.
    • Now many guys are flashing their crowns, whether they're losing hair or not.
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    corona feminine
    • However, there were also crowns, farthings, guineas and sovereigns, all in varying amounts and none really compatible with any of the others.
    • Forty crowns I can afford, but are you sure you would not have asked more if it was another who showed interest?
    • The medals are about the size of a crown piece, and they look too good to have been done as a joke.
    • It is interesting that he introduced the silver crown of five shillings which was the first English coin to have a date written in Arabic numerals rather than Roman numerals.
    • Cardan accepted over two thousand gold crowns but turned down the offer of a permanent place at the Scottish court.
    • Within a week I was on the border of the Old Kingdom, with nothing to my name but my clothes, a horse, and a few gold crowns.
    • Croft twiddled a silver crown piece in his hand and examined it with great interest.
    • There were farthings, pennies, oxfords, crowns, florins, shillings, guineas, and pounds, among other divisions.
    • The meeting was called to raise 2 million gold crowns to pay the ransom for the king's two sons held captive in Spain.
    • The prize, 75,000 Swedish crowns, is awarded annually in Stockholm.
    • Visitors to the site will be asked to solve a series of puzzles to discover the location of five crown pieces.
    • He accepted 75,000 gold crowns, an annual pension of 50,000 gold crowns and a promise of marriage for his daughter to the Dauphin.
    • You have coins smaller than a crown there I believe.
  • 4formal

    coronación feminine
    culminación feminine
    • The judges, who were impressed with her physique, posing skill and stage presence, wasted little time in awarding her the crown.
    • The 35-year-old added the world title to his Olympic crown and his world record and admitted afterwards that there is more to come.
    • The West Central Division has always contended but has never captured the coveted team crown.
    • The truth is that France only have themselves to blame for the most pathetic defence of the crown in World Cup history.
    • He is launching an audacious bid to reclaim the British crown.
    • Now Bill is planning one more shot at regaining his world crown.
    • With just seven races left in the season he is now a strong favourite to lift his fourth world crown.
    • But he has bounced back to his best in 2004, regaining his world crown and now becoming Olympic champion.
    • He successfully defended his Olympic crown in a new Olympic record time of 14: 43.40.
    • For Britain's Denise Lewis, the challenge to her Olympic heptathlon crown also comes in the shape of a youthful and seemingly invincible opponent.
    • Archie went back to defending his light heavyweight crown stopping the highly regarded Tony Anthony in seven rounds.
    • Have you ever seen a World Heavyweight Champion be so careless with his crown?
    • Three county titles and a Leinster crown is no mean achievement for such a young club.
    • The rematch, should it proceed, will be a defence of his two junior middleweight crowns.
    • The great Floyd Patterson was the last 17-year-old to win an Olympic crown in 1952 when he took the middleweight title.
    • He said the Zambian squad was ready to wrestle the title from defending champions South Africa who won the crown in 1999.
    • He became a hero in the US for wresting the world chess crown from Soviet domination during the Cold War.
    • Regaining the Commonwealth 1500m crown in Manchester drained her physically and emotionally.
    • The Ethiopian adds the world crown to the Olympic title he won at Sydney last year.
    • If she claims an eighth crown over two laps, it would be a championship record.
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    • The second surviving account book is a crown octavo cash book, single-cash lined in red ink by Scott, as previously, and carrying on the same recording and balancing practices as before.
    • Nos.1 to 5 and No.7 are crown quarto in size with a 2-colour titled card cover.
    • It is in crown quarto format, with 384 pages and 163 black and white and colour illustrations, casebound with laminated dustjacket.
    • The text was extensively altered for the second edition of 1875, and the format was reduced to the usual crown octavo.
    • The book is a limited edition in Fine condition, full black cloth with gilt, crown octavo.

    hoja de 15 pulgadas por 20

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make monarch)
    she was crowned empress/May queen la coronaron emperatriz/reina de la primavera
    • the crowned heads of Europe los monarcas / las testas coronadas de Europa
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  • 3

    (be culmination of)
    their efforts were crowned with success sus esfuerzos se vieron coronados por el éxito
    • to crown it all, I lost my wallet y para coronarla, perdí la billetera
  • 4

    (tooth) poner una corona en
  • 5

    (in checkers)
    to crown a piece hacer dama
  • 6informal

    darle un coscorrón a informal