Translation of cruelty in Spanish:


crueldad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkru(ə)lti//ˈkrʊəlti/

nounPlural cruelties

  • 1

    crueldad feminine
    cruelty to sb crueldad con algn
    • society for the prevention of cruelty to animals sociedad protectora de animales
    • The whole point of this storyline is that he has reduced her to a gibbering wreck through emotional and verbal cruelty without any physical violence.
    • The cruelty perpetrated on the family must cease immediately.
    • We suffered cruelty and abandonment even as we continued to teach the world about a loving God.
    • The fact that credible scientists found there was not excess suffering or cruelty involved was ignored.
    • If women resisted sexual advances, they risked physical cruelty and punishment.
    • I shall not treat either of you with undue cruelty, but neither do I have any intention of pardoning your deeds.
    • Is the response to the extreme cruelty of tyrants the defining moment of the human condition?
    • But this temptation is dangerous because history contains too much cruelty at the hands of the pious.
    • Maybe it was because of casual human cruelty.
    • Officials acting on our behalf committed unspeakable cruelty on a man already wrongly imprisoned for 17 years.
    • There can be no neutrality between justice and cruelty, between the innocent and the guilty.
    • Why were children treated with such cruelty, both physical and emotional?
    • The casual, unthinking cruelty of children is brilliantly evoked here.
    • Why did people behave as they did - whether with cruelty or kindness, cravenness or courage?
    • I felt like a Roman emperor, looking down on my subject wondering whether to show mercy or cruelty.
    • What matters most is that prohibitions against human cruelty be hard and binding.
    • Mistakes I can forgive, but deliberate intent to harm or random acts of cruelty, I find repulsive.
    • I hope the resulting media coverage will help to foster a greater awareness of the cruelty involved.
    • A prince may be ruthless when it is prudent, but wanton cruelty is foolish.
    • They emphasise, instead, the degree of cruelty inflicted by men on women.