Translation of cruise missile in Spanish:

cruise missile

misil de crucero, n.


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    misil de crucero masculine
    • With one hand on a joystick and eyes on a video screen, a bomb can be dropped here, a cruise missile targeted there.
    • Military analysts said the claimed new weapon could be a hypersonic cruise missile or manoeuvrable warheads.
    • After all, the long-range cruise missile is nothing more than an unmanned bomber, an autonomous aerial vehicle or, simply put, a robot.
    • No cruise missile could hit its target with greater precision.
    • Another potential threat is a cruise missile, or even ICBM, launched from land and targeted at our larger ships at sea by satellites.
    • The Tomahawk cruise missile carries up to 1,000 lb of high explosive, flies at close to 600 mph, and has a range of 1,000 miles.
    • Their purpose is not simply to serve as a deterrent but they would be a usable instrument of military power, like a tank, a fighter aircraft, or a cruise missile.
    • Another threat to assured access is the antiship cruise missile.
    • The paper doesn't speculate about the unequal contest between an AK - 47 rifle and a computer-guided cruise missile.