Translation of cruiser in Spanish:


crucero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkruzər//ˈkruːzə/


  • 1

    crucero masculine
    • Up front, just behind the spearhead of mine sweepers, battleships and cruisers, were the command ships, the attack transports bristling with radar and radio antennae.
    • I like the ships of the Navy, nervous darting destroyers, sleek cruisers, majestic battle ships, steady solid carriers and secretive submarines.
    • At sea, he served in a battleship, an aircraft carrier, in cruisers, destroyers, frigates, and a minesweeper.
    • The many battleships, cruisers and transport ships which were bombed or torpedoed during the war have now become coral-encrusted artificial reefs, attracting schools of fish, sharks and manta rays.
    • A carrier strike group typically contains an aircraft carrier and other vessels such as destroyers and cruisers that protect it.
    • The British had recommended that steel be diverted from the construction of battleships and heavy cruisers to convoy escorts and landing craft.
    • Battlecruisers are the size of battleships but more lightly armoured, so they have the speed of a cruiser.
    • He could see a massive row of cruisers and destroyers, accompanied by a single battleship.
    • Seven battleships, six cruisers and several torpedo boats steamed among the trawlers.
    • Looking down from deck level, pipes could be seen running the length of the ship, confirming that these early light cruisers were designed for raiding rather than lengthy campaigns.
    • At sea are five giant aircraft carriers, four of which have their own battle fleets of destroyers, cruisers and submarines, totalling 25 ships.
    • Officers who had for years aspired to command destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers likely did not relish the thought of becoming truck drivers.
    • A further 17 aircraft carriers, six battleships, 16 cruisers and 56 destroyers were also tasked in support.
    • Hour after hour and day after day through the convoy years, admirals watched cruisers, destroyers, even carriers and battle-ships stricken and sinking around them - as well as the precious merchantmen.
    • The government ploughed funds into four new battleships, two aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, and submarines, with much of the work going to the Clyde.
    • A typical carrier battle group consists of an aircraft carrier, a cruiser, two destroyers, an attack submarine, and a fast combat support ship.
    • The combined German naval force for this attack was fifteen battleships, thirteen cruisers and seventy-one destroyers, whose principal task was to guard the larger ships against British submarines.
    • Out in front were the destroyers, cruisers and battleships and behind moved the concentration of troop and supply ships.
    • On the way out to sea for exercises they clattered past lines of battleships and cruisers, from whose sparkling decks immaculate officers looked down on them with disdain.
  • 2cabin cruiser

    lancha feminine
    barco masculine
  • 3US

    (police car)
    patrulla feminine
    coche patrulla masculine
    patrullero masculine River Plate
    autopatrulla masculine Chile
    • Nicolas pulled up close behind them just as several more police cruisers, lights flashing and sirens blaring, screamed to a halt in front of the house.
    • In the 1990s, a few police agencies embraced the capability to see at night and to locate people with thermal imagers by installing systems on helicopters, and later on the top of police cruisers.
    • He was arrested at 4: 45 p.m., handcuffed and placed in the back of the police cruiser.
    • I waited a minute or two and looked for a police cruiser; nothing.
    • And a lot of police officers are jumping in their police cruisers and going down there to help.
    • They quickly covered the distance from the barricade to the sedan, weaving around police cruisers and unconsciously avoiding all officers.
    • Then he got into his police cruiser and drove off.
    • The arresting officer was obliged to carry or drag her to his police cruiser and a female colleague was dispatched to the scene to assist him.
    • Across the street was the police station where a cruiser abruptly pulled up.
    • The trial judge was alert to the conflict in the evidence as to what took place after the appellant exited his vehicle and arrived at the police cruiser.
    • Four police cruisers responded to the call within a few minutes.
    • In one hand, clenched in his fist, was the key to his police cruiser.
    • Two police cruisers, lights flashing, sat near the main entrance.
    • Karen was a little worried about being left alone, but the knowledge of the patrolling police cruisers calmed her down.
    • As the ‘ice cream’ truck advanced, I saw that it was trailed by two police cruisers, racing along as escort sentries.
    • Nor do his deputies have bulletproof vests or computer terminals for their patrol cars, which are common in big-city police cruisers to call up information on suspects.
    • He left the Institute with the two police officers in a police cruiser.
    • A number of police cruisers screeched to a halt and formed a barrier for other officers to use as cover.