Translation of crumb in Spanish:


miga, n.

Pronunciation /krʌm//krəm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of bread, cake)

      miga feminine
      the sales figures offer a crumb of comfort las cifras de venta brindan algo de consuelo
      • I need every crumb of information I can get necesito toda la información que pueda obtener
      • Whiz the bread to rough crumbs in a food processor, or grate it by hand.
      • Angel held out an empty plate, with a fork and a few chocolate cake crumbs on it.
      • My desk is now clear of cake crumbs, chocolate wrappers, crisp packets, coffee stains and assorted bits of paper that might or might not have had something to do with my job.
      • Wilhelm swallowed the last of the bread and dusted the crumbs from his hands.
      • It looks good but when you cut into the cake it collapses into crumbs.
      • Grind fresh whole-wheat bread in a food processor to make fresh crumbs.
      • In your food processor, reduce the chocolate butter cookies to crumbs.
      • She came here in the summer to watch the Canada Geese huddle around picnickers, waiting for one of them to toss a crumb of bread.
      • He picked dully at the cheesecake dish, which was now empty except for a few stray crust crumbs and bits of cake smeared about, wondering idly if one could read cheesecake smears like tea leaves.
      • He stood and brushed the crumbs of bread off of him, knowing well how difficult it would be to follow his own advice.
      • Rowena looked around at the wreck of her cake, at all the dirty dishes and the cake crumbs under the cooling racks.
      • I turned around, looking where Thomas had sat just a moment before but now all that remained on the chair were a couple of crumbs of bread.
      • Crush the biscuits into a crumb texture, add the melted butter and mix together.
      • So I continuously have chocolate cake crumbs on my head, my hair, my jumper, my collar, my shoulders, my eyelashes, my tummy, my lap…
      • The little bird sang out again, and I rose and gave it a crumb of bread from the larder chest.
      • To make the stuffing, whiz the bread in a food processor until it forms fine crumbs.
      • They analyzed the remains of food left in tombs as offerings and the residues of beer and crumbs of bread encrusted on pottery shards and vessels.
      • Put the biscuits in a large polythene bag and smash into fine crumbs with a rolling pin, or do this in a food processor.
      • Adam licked the last few crumbs of bread from his lips.
      • Process chocolate wafers into fine crumbs in a food processor fitted with a metal blade.

    • 1.2slang (worthless person)

      mequetrefe masculine informal

  • 2crumbs plural
    British informal

    (as exclamation) recórcholis informal