Translation of crusader in Spanish:


cruzado, n.

Pronunciation /kruˈseɪdər//kruːˈseɪdə/


  • 1also Crusader

    cruzado masculine
    • King Guy was released by Saladin, perhaps to divide the Christians, and after a quarrel with Conrad he led the arriving crusaders to besiege Acre in August 1189.
    • Participation in the Crusade was said to have great spiritual value for the individual crusader.
    • More than thirty thousand crusaders lost their lives.
    • The schism between the churches was finalized in 1204 when crusaders captured Constantinople.
    • Between the Greeks and the crusaders, no sympathy could exist.
    • Religious exaltation and fear of a relief force impelled the crusaders, with no siege equipment, to a doomed attack on 13 June.
    • The man who went on about the need for love found himself backing crusaders all the way to the Holy Land.
    • At the time of his election he had been a crusader in the Holy Land to which he had accompanied Prince Edward - the future King Edward of England.
    • The entire venture was an ignoble failure, calling forth from Bernard a passionate lament over the sins of the crusaders.
    • In the face of imminent disaster, Shajara held Egypt together and managed a victory against the crusaders.
    • In the event of the crusaders proving hostile, the Emperor hardly had the means of resistance.
    • They might have lost Spain, but the Ottoman conquests in Europe had far exceeded anything the crusaders had gained in the East.
    • Inevitably, a fight escalated into a riot and the crusaders went on a rampage, killing every Muslim they could find.
    • His accomplishments belong outdoors in military feats as vassal of the King and crusader for God.
    • Unlike Estonians and Latvians, Lithuanian tribes united and repulsed the German crusaders.
    • It was restored and added to by the Arabs who were later replaced by the crusaders.
    • Many fierce and sanguinary conflicts took place between Saladin and the crusaders, but neither side, for a time, gained any decided advantage.
    • He depended heavily on chosen glories to galvanise support, identifying himself with Saladin, who defeated the Christian crusaders in the 12 th century.
    • Divided between the followers of Hus - the Hussites - and the Catholics, the country was attacked by crusaders and plunged into turmoil.
    • The final stand of the 500 believers there lasted 10 months during 1243 as the might of the Albigensian crusaders gradually wore them down.
  • 2

    defensor masculine
    defensora feminine
    a crusader for social reform un paladín de la reforma social
    • The punctuation crusader turns her wrath to those often hilarious, sometimes tragic, yuletide greetings.
    • But the cause of vegetarianism does have a few valiant crusaders.
    • CNN entertainment correspondent Brooke Anderson is investigating Senator Patrick Leahy's fascination with the caped crusader.
    • In 2004, the Republicans will be a prowar party led by a would-be crusader.
    • The seat on the left has held Roosevelt the friend of labor, rememberer of the forgotten man, reformer and crusader.
    • Hollywood, Florida, police are still holding the news conference right now alongside John Walsh, Adam's dad, now an anti- crime crusader.
    • Sachs and other like-minded crusaders have put public health back on the map, leading to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
    • He has since become a crusader against gangs.
    • A radical crusader against wildlife protections - Congressman Richard Pombo of California - has been elevated to the chairmanship of the important House Resources Committee.
    • But when his audience is less religious, he suddenly turns into a pro-abortion crusader.
    • The show was anchored, with the zeal of a crusader rather than dispassionate neutrality, by Ravi Shastri.
    • Some are more in the crusader mold than others.
    • Theoretical science has been slowly driven from the universities by the new crusaders of Postmodernism.
    • Actually, 11-year-old Macario, an unlikely crusader, left himself behind.
    • Veronica Guerin builds the lead character into a three-dimensional woman, not just a righteous crusader.
    • Sneddon no doubt sees himself as a crusader in a cultural and moral war.
    • Dr Wakefield is a crusader for truth, a committed scientist, a conscientious physician, and a devoted family man.
    • The fight for justice, inclusion and the voices of the marginalised has suddenly lost its most committed crusader.
    • True, not everyone is as fervent as the young crusaders of the high-tech sector.
    • We were in an Edmonton movie theatre, watching an ad featuring local anti-smoking crusader Barb Tarbox.