Translation of cucumber in Spanish:


pepino, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkjuˌkəmbər//ˈkjuːkʌmbə/


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    pepino masculine
    • Serve the roast beef with a salad of fresh vegetables, pickled cucumbers and chopped celery.
    • Just before serving, add the tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, parsley, mint and olives, and mix well.
    • The lamb tenderloin, garnished with minted yogurt and cucumbers, was a successful riff on the classic Greek dish.
    • No breakfast is complete without a large bowl of finely chopped cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and parsley tossed together and drenched in olive oil, a mainstay of the Israeli kitchen.
    • Twenty years ago, we started to teach people that pickling cucumbers are wonderful in salads.
    • Opt for water-bearing vegetables, such as squash, zucchini, asparagus, leafy green salads, tomatoes and cucumbers.
    • Pickling cucumbers are available almost exclusively during the summer.
    • I chose a green salad with cucumbers and lettuce, perfect with some salt and the balsamic vinegar, and my companion ordered a green salad with tuna.
    • The most famous Andalusian dish is gazpacho, a cold soup made with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and olive oil.
    • The pork sauce mixes pork with pickled cucumbers.
    • I had a thinly-sliced cucumber salad with shallots, a sprinkling of crumbled feta cheese and pine kernels.
    • It was called Jerusalem Salad and it had tomatoes and cucumbers, olive oil, lemon, olives and goat cheese.
    • Without wiping the knife, they begin slicing the cucumbers and tomatoes for the salad, tossing it all together, then triumphantly setting it down on the table.
    • A cool cucumber and yoghurt dip is a refreshing accompaniment for grilled chops.
    • There are salad sandwiches wrapped in black plastic bags, hummus, pickled cucumbers sealed into an old plastic margarine tub and home-made goat's cheese.
    • Ingredients such as feta cheese, yogurt, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplant are commonly used.
    • Lay an oyster on top of the cucumber salad and garnish with the remoulade.
    • We ate it with rice and a salad with radishes and cucumbers.
    • Eat with crusty bread and perhaps a tomato and cucumber salad.
    • The side salad was so fresh and wonderful: it was a grain with cucumbers, tomato, onion mixed in all dressed with oil and vinegar.