Translation of cufflink in Spanish:


gemelo, n.


  • 1

    gemelo masculine
    mancorna feminine Colombia
    collera feminine Chile
    mancuernilla feminine Mexico
    mancuerna feminine Mexico
    • He adjusted his collar, and I saw the cufflinks glint again.
    • I loved the display cases with retro jewelry, pens, calculators, cufflinks, desk items and personal accessories.
    • Although I'm basically a sleeves-rolled-up boy, I do miss wearing cufflinks sometimes.
    • His shirt was white and puffier in the sleeves, buttoned with silver cufflinks.
    • You take out your best shirt, cufflinks, tie, tie clip, shoes, belt and hair products.
    • As well, a shirt with cufflinks and a heavily starched collar is often seen as more formal than one without the aforementioned extras.
    • For a picture-perfect look, try matching your cufflinks to your belt buckle and your watch.
    • When choosing your tuxedo shirt, try to select one with French cuffs, which fold up and are fastened with cufflinks.
    • Neither can the shirtsleeve protrude just the right length beyond the coat sleeve or be wide enough for the kinds of cufflinks you favour.
    • Did you know that the right pen, tie and cufflinks can make you look as powerful as you'd like to be?
    • If there were no holes, there would be no cufflinks.
    • For example, a man in a fine suit would take the extra step and slip on a classy pair of cufflinks to complete his look.
    • Dressed in a grey suit, a charcoal grey shirt with onyx cufflinks and a black and silver tie, he sat down at the table and motioned for the waiter to get him a glass of wine as well.
    • I've taken heed of your advice that a watch is a man's single most important accessory, followed by the likes of cufflinks, a belt, pens, etc.
    • The arm that had grabbed me was clad in an old Victorian raven silk shirt with slightly draped sleeves coming into a neat cuff around the wrist with small silver cufflinks.
    • She slowly began taking off his cufflinks and helping him unbutton his shirt.
    • He keeps the partial denture in a drawer with his cufflinks, which he has accumulated because he gets a pair for each Father's Day.
    • I generally wear suits, shirts with double cuffs, distinctive cufflinks and memorable ties.
    • He wore an elegantly tied white shirt, with ivory cufflinks shaped like pale embryos, and white stockings tapered with black satin slippers.
    • You might have a sleek shirt, but a nice set of cufflinks can make you look like a real powerhouse - never underestimate their appeal.