Translation of culottes in Spanish:


falda pantalón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈk(j)ʊˌlɑts//kjuːˈlɒt(s)//k(j)uˈlɑts/

plural noun

  • 1

    falda pantalón feminine
    pollera pantalón feminine Southern Cone Peru
    • The girl wore khaki culottes and a loose, sleeveless blouse of green gingham.
    • Until they started to dance, they looked prim and librarian-like in their dark-colored culottes topped by demure, sheer, white blouses.
    • Her red high-heeled boots were well hidden by navy culottes.
    • The ‘soldier-woman’ with square shoulders and culottes under an overcoat gave way to the ‘flower-woman’ with rounded shoulders, a heightened bust, narrow waist, and immense fan-like skirt 14 metres in circumference.
    • Apparently thongs are old news, with hipster culottes taking over their crown, offering a roomier but still sexy look.
    • They are just like regular slips but are split with a seam up each leg, so they can be worn under pants, culottes, or skirts.
    • Most of the entries record various types of garments made, including camisoles and culottes (shirts and pants), suits, coats, and gloves.
    • For pants, skirts, shorts or culottes choose the size by the waist measurement unless your hips are much larger than that standard measurement.
    • Yesterday while walking to work I had a revelation that they're awfully similar to culottes.
    • He showed his skill with pantsuits, culottes, pencil skirts and even a pony skin skirt teamed with a chiffon top.
    • From sexy swimwear and cute tops to beautifully tailored pants (and culottes and jeans) and killer coats, everyone put forth their best efforts and scored a hit.
    • And here we are in these floor-length indigo-dyed cotton culottes that have 25 pleats in them, and this sort of heavyweight double-stitched cotton top.
    • Knee breeches or culottes were the de rigueur apparel for 18th century gentlemen.
    • We also noted two bias-cut rose pink dresses with shoestring straps, culottes, cross-over tops in cotton and T-shirts with shell emblems.
    • No longer will I be a vision in cheesecloth and impetuously purchased clamdigger culottes.
    • God knows I must have looked a freak with my 30-inch wide culottes covering shoes with two inch high platforms, but that was nothing to the exposure today.
    • They did sketches of him in culottes and baggy shorts.
    • One: denim culottes with one of our moss-green shabby-chic tweed blazers, a huge brooch and green-gold tango shoes.
    • The style gurus put their money on culottes, Miss Marple tweed and anything plum.
    • Don't let those fancy boys in culottes who just played in the Final Four tell you different.