Translation of cultural in Spanish:


cultural, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkəltʃ(ə)rəl//ˈkʌltʃ(ə)r(ə)l/


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    our cultural heritage nuestro patrimonio cultural
    • Some readily assumed a new cultural identity; others resisted assimilation of this kind.
    • Thus they represented a social and cultural nostalgia for faith and community.
    • The point about understanding across cultural and social boundaries is important.
    • As a free marketeer, I hate monopoly of any sort, be it economic, cultural or social.
    • They embody and give significance to cultural and social differences in a society.
    • He did not preserve them as cultural heritage.
    • Even in my street, there is great cultural diversity.
    • Today the phenomenon could be more accurately described as cultural imperialism.
    • Conservationists claim the idea is cultural vandalism that will rip the heart out of the town.
    • Social and cultural trends that used to take years to cross the Atlantic are speeding up.
    • They are the social and cultural core of rural life and their supporters run into seven figures.
    • That is, they are interested in how any society conceives its cultural substratum.
    • Modern societies are said to be characterized by deep diversity and cultural pluralism.
    • Legal norms capture and reinforce deep cultural norms and community practices.
    • Particular attention must be paid to differences of cultural and social attitudes.
    • Some of us saw this new cultural context coming, but we are all, finally, surprised by it.
    • But Western philosophy preaches that cultural relativism starts from one's own.
    • This is a complex social and cultural problem which will not be solved by hasty legislation.
    • They contribute greatly to the cultural, social and economic life of our country.
    • Edinburgh is a great city with a long tradition of cultural diversity and social tolerance.