Translation of culture in Spanish:


cultura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkʌltʃə//ˈkəltʃər/


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    cultura feminine
    • We have all the laws and ordinances but these are pre-empted by culture and social values.
    • These quotations highlight the role of culture and society in shaping the behavior of both men and women.
    • He embraced new ideas and technology, yet cherished his people's culture and customs.
    • For him the work involves appreciating another culture and understanding how it thinks.
    • This primarily involves questions about a society's culture, social life, and public sphere.
    • Our customs, culture, and societal structure demands the presence of the father.
    • Like Flaubert and Proust, he was the son of a doctor, in that era a profession of wide culture and learning.
    • Their customs and culture are part of the rich heritage of our country.
    • While the study of Aboriginal art and culture is now regarded as important, this was not always the case.
    • It suggests the mythical dimension inherent in all genuine expressions of human culture and literature.
    • Two fundamental social cleavages of Canadian society are language and culture.
    • They have been studied extensively and figure prominently in human culture and mythology.
    • If we don't attend to our moral traditions - to our culture - then our society could come apart at the seams.
    • He repeatedly celebrated the revival of the Hebrew culture and the cultural achievements of the Jews.
    • Many will say that we as a society have lost our culture and tradition, and there is no longer a sense of respect or care.
    • It has played a huge role in the development of human culture, and for centuries has contributed in the most fundamental way to philosophy.
    • One is to recommend that immigrants conform to the customs, habits and culture of their host country.
    • As a result, much of traditional Azande culture and custom has ceased to exist.
    • Even two people in the same culture will make different connections between sets of ideas.
    • We have expertise in understanding culture, conflict resolution and capacity building.
    • After all, what good is all the technical knowledge without an appreciation and understanding of our culture?
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    (intellectual activity)
    cultura feminine
    a man of great culture un hombre de gran cultura
    • a person of no culture una persona totalmente inculta
    • As so often these days, a study of the past of archaeology throws up revealing insights into modern intellectual culture.
    • Like others, she is also against the misogyny in so much of our popular and intellectual culture.
    • Scott has always been preoccupied with diffusing the distinction between high art and popular culture.
    • The auteur's true genius lies in his ability to combine high art with popular culture.
    • Those topics are the impact of technology and popular mass culture, both elusive subjects with which to deal in general terms.
    • This juxtaposition is exemplary of the divide and attempted dialogue between contemporary art and popular culture.
    • Sport, and its relationship with the media, have become key markers of late - 20th century popular culture.
    • I have a lot of respect for him, particularly regarding his place in popular culture.
    • This is not fringe culture, but rather intelligent, mature art that can appeal to a much larger audience than it currently receives.
    • It seeks to impose ever-greater restrictions on a broad range of human knowledge and culture.
    • The absence of a sustained analysis on the role of literature and popular culture in the shaping of national identity is more serious.
    • He remains an aesthete, but his appreciation of culture is now spiritually empty.
    • Music, and popular culture as we knew it, would never be the same again.
    • Cultural boundaries - between east and west, popular culture and high art - are dissolved.
    • It has often been regarded, like folk music, as a genuine popular culture, in danger of extinction.
    • You are most likely to have come across the UK's popular culture through its pop music, television and films.
    • Links are made to the fields of history, literature, music and popular culture.
    • Music was a vital part of human culture long before anyone was able to mass reproduce and sell recordings of it.
    • The breakthrough of punk internationally put rock music and popular culture back in the hands of fans and amateurs.
    • Their chief concern was mass culture and popular art and their topics included cinema, pop music, cars and science fiction.
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    cultivo masculine
    before noun culture medium caldo de cultivo masculine
    • Circadian rhythms are known to be exhibited by all peripheral tissues and mammalian cells in culture.
    • Slides from the same blood cultures were later prepared for automated analysis.
    • Imagine the ability to grow human cells in culture to grow muscle tissue.
    • The ratio of percent binucleate to mononucleate cells was used as a parameter of cell proliferation in culture.
    • Samples from three independently grown cell cultures were analyzed in parallel.
    • Lab mice and chick embryos infected with the virus died quickly, and it also grew rapidly in cultures of human lung cells.
    • A feature shared by senescent cells in culture and in vivo is shortening of the telomeres.
    • The vaccine continued to be used for many years, until replaced by a vaccine prepared in cell cultures.
    • Chromosome analysis requires growing cells in culture and harvesting dividing cells.
    • We presume this reduction reflects dead cells in the mutant cultures, as noted above.
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    (of plants) cultivo masculine
    (of animals) cría feminine
    • Plants were cultivated under the same conditions as in hydroponic culture.
    • However, this approach has so far failed because of failure to regenerate plants from culture.
    • It is important to buy from a grower who gives you good culture directions for the plant you buy.
    • A flexible tube connected the bottoms of the two chambers during plant culture, but the tube was blocked during treatments.
    • During plant culture, young roots were harvested at the end of the light period on 4-week-old plants.

transitive verb

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