Translation of cumulonimbus in Spanish:


cúmulonimbo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkjumjəloʊˈnɪmbəs//ˌkjuːmjʊləʊˈnɪmbəs/

nounPlural cumulonimbi

  • 1

    cúmulonimbo masculine
    • A cumulonimbus has drifted over the spires of downtown, where it hangs like a vast gray anvil.
    • The rising air is associated with a region of low air pressure, towering cumulonimbus clouds and rain.
    • The rising air cools and produces towering cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds.
    • As air rises in a large cumulonimbus or thunderhead cloud condensation occurs and all three forms of water are present.
    • First, thunderstorms are birthed by cumulonimbus clouds.