Translation of cunning in Spanish:


astuto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkʌnɪŋ//ˈkənɪŋ/


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    • 1.1(clever, sly)

      (plan/trick/villain) astuto
      (smile) malicioso
      you cunning devil! ¡qué astuto eres!
      • First, it has to be said that the game scenario is a very cunning one, cleverly designed to lead the unsuspecting player astray.
      • After all, when it comes to cunning stunts, we may have a natural advantage.
      • He is full of charm when he gets his way, full of menace when he does not, unscrupulous, cunning and deceitful.
      • Unfortunately, the laptop didn't fall for their cunning ruse.
      • The truth is, though, sometimes spies really do resort to cunning disguises and hidden cameras.
      • A little cunning skill is obviously useful, and luck is a vital ingredient that I like to enjoy in large measure.
      • Far from being instinct-driven dunces held back by a three-second memory, fish were cunning, manipulative, cultured and socially aware.
      • It's a cunning skill, even more so as you can reverse the stroke in order to go backwards.
      • I'm very suspicious of websites that confront you with bells and whistles and all manner of cunning design.
      • He is a very ingenious and cunning writer and it's fun to see him skewer the targets he aims for with acerbic wit and intelligence.
      • John would see my brilliant tactical plan and organize a cunning defence…
      • Today's aggressor is cunning, ingenious, pragmatic, and at the same time not limited by any moral constraints.
      • He raised £10 million in less than a month, thanks to a particularly cunning manoeuvre: he invented a deadline.
      • What remains is a traditional case of a national paranoia being manipulated by a cunning business establishment to protect its entrenched interests.
      • Tom however, through cunning reasoning skills, is able to get what he needs.
      • They had to endear themselves both to the other people in the house and to the nation at large, and so we became voyeurs into their most cunning manipulations and most private moments.
      • This year the ingenious Councillor has thought up a cunning plan that will see the town's streets swept clean of dog dirt.
      • So that was a very cunning ploy that she used.
      • But can the governments really have been to blame for inducing irrational exuberance in the bidders through the fiendishly cunning auction processes they devised?
      • Fortunately, in an effort to cheer myself up, I've devised a fiendish and cunning plan to turn myself into a local celebrity.
      • You've been tricked, the defamation of this cunning flower tricked you.
      • She's a cunning manipulator one moment, an adorably guileless charmer the next, one who tosses off winsome smiles like strike-zone fastballs.
      • He subsequently discovers the whereabouts of the photograph by a cunning ruse.
      • I listened intently, for he was right, his plans were very cunning.
      • Observations suggest they try a cunning psychological ploy to prevent their partner fleeing the nest.
      • They are very cunning and very devious.
      • Now, even if these are just sneaky sites by cunning marketers, they're working.
      • He was supposedly a cunning manipulator who lured his adversary into a fatal trap.
      • More than once he bailed his master out of dangerous situation not by using force, but cunning tricks.
      • That's right, not only is it my birthday today but by a piece of cunning design today is also the day we complete on our new home.
      • The lies he fed me to achieve this were cunning and elaborate, and indeed, I was fooled.

    • 1.2(ingenious)

      (device) ingenioso

  • 2US

    (cute, attractive)
    a cunning guy un buen mozo Latin America
    • she's real cunning! ¡es guapísima!


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    astucia feminine
    low cunning zorrería feminine informal