Translation of curator in Spanish:


conservador, n.

Pronunciation /kjʊ(ə)ˈreɪtə//ˈkjʊrˌeɪdər//kjʊˈreɪdər//ˈkjʊrədər/



  • 1

    (of museum, art gallery) conservador masculine
    (of museum, art gallery) conservadora feminine
    (of museum, art gallery) curador masculine Latin America
    (of museum, art gallery) curadora feminine Latin America
    (of exhibition) comisario masculine
    (of exhibition) comisaria feminine
    (of exhibition) curador masculine Latin America
    (of exhibition) curadora feminine Latin America
    • Since then, museum curators across the world have largely agreed not to exhibit mummified body parts out of respect for the dead.
    • The process involves 30 keepers, curators and registrars making a note of every single creature in the zoo.
    • Next month, as curator of the Meltdown festival, she will play it in its entirety on stage for the first time.
    • Unlike many museum exhibitions, the curators provided the information to the viewer in manageable pieces.
    • I know all the museum curators in the world and there is not one to match Tim's genius.
    • Kindly the curator of the museum had made a display of a few of about 20 of the items you might see on your visit in the front window.
    • With the permission of the curator of the National Museum, we were allowed to see the work in progress.
    • The noise and lights derive not from history, but from the present manipulations of Imperial War Museum curators.
    • This lag in attention has yet to be fully addressed by contemporary West Coast museums and curators.
    • The Whitney Museum recruited six outside curators to help select this year's biennial.
    • The sale had been eagerly anticipated by collectors and museum curators.
    • Museum curators saw a shift from artists' hopelessness to a desperate need to contribute something to society.
    • Very few museum curators have the opportunity or the budget to be so single-minded, to collect in depth in a highly specialised area.
    • A curator from the local museum was there in the U.K. as part of this scheme.
    • A wrinkled old hill woman was the sole curator and keeper of the gallery then.
    • The artists are up-and-comers and players in the Sydney art scene and the curators are museum big wigs and people in the know.
    • I have often felt sorry for the curators at the Royal Collection.
    • It certainly wasn't a word you heard uttered by museum curators.
    • It is a group of presentations hosted by an artist curator or, as in one case, architect.
    • Collectors, dealers and curators in specialised areas all knew each other, and there was supply enough to satisfy everyone.
    • The curators of the museum have changed the content of the turbine room a few times since the museum opened.