Translation of curd in Spanish:


cuajada, n.

Pronunciation /kərd//kəːd/


  • 1

    (from milk)
    cuajada feminine
    • Foods that should be consumed in limited quantity are dals, dried seeds, milk, curd, cheese, fish, eggs and chicken.
    • It reminded me of the moulds in curd, white cloudy days, the froth of soaps and the upper - cream of a vanilla shake.
    • It had been raining steadily for a few hours, and the driver was perched in a pool of liquid, still white as curd.
    • Whey, a by-product of cheese and curd manufacturing, was once considered a waste product.
    • Products labelled as containing lactose, cream, butter, cheese and cheese flavour, curd, milk, milk solids, milk powder and whey, as well as margarine containing milk solids, should be avoided.
    • It recently introduced modification of the valve for use on the outlet of a cheese vat, so cheese curd can pass through the valve.
    • In India, this offering traditionally contained three sweet substances: molasses, honey and sugar and three white substances: curd, butter and milk.
    • In more recent times, he says, his family cut, tied and stacked crops, and took such homemade fare as butter, cheese, curd, eggs and corn to Scarborough market to sell, on a pony and trap.
    • The visitors were also shown the units that make butter, ghee, curd and ice-cream.
    • Siva is always worshipped with Panchamruta - a mix of milk, butter, curd, honey and sugar.
    • For the goat cheese gnocchi, in a medium bowl, combine the goat curd, ricotta cheese, and eggs for mix to combine.
    • A small bowlful of curd can turn a whole pitcher of milk into curd.
    • The report made the case for reducing the number of plants processing milk into butter, milk powder and curd from 11 to four.
    • If your baby develops white spots that look like milk curd on the insides of the cheeks or on the tongue, this may be thrush.
    • If you've vegetables, milk, curd and cheese in the refrigerator, you can manage on your own somehow.
    • Try eating nonfat mozzarella or cottage cheese, as each curd is rich in a long-acting protein called casein, giving you a steady trickle of amino acids that lasts into the night.
    • Originally, such cheesecakes were made with soft, home-made curd cheeses but these days we use light cream cheese from the supermarket.
    • Spoon some cherry compote around the dish and accompany with some milk curd.
    • In a bowl, mix together goat cheese curd, sugar, cream, sour cream and lemon zest.
    • It is made by fermenting residue left behind after the separation of milk and curd (the whey).
  • 2British

    bean curd queso de soya masculine Latin America
    • orange/lemon/lime curd crema de naranja/limón/lima