Translation of curl in Spanish:


rizo, n.

Pronunciation /kərl//kəːl/


  • 1

    (of hair)
    rizo masculine
    rulo masculine Southern Cone
    chino masculine Mexico
    (ringlet) bucle masculine
    (ringlet) tirabuzón masculine
    • Her eyes followed the winding twists and the curls of smoke as the sky broke open to the ocean beneath.
    • Its face, beneath a shaggy fall of raven black curls, was delicately shaped and as stark as bone, with no hint of rosy cheek or kind intention.
    • There wasn't an ounce of curl in any hair on her head, and she was sure that he would be most disappointed in her appearance.
    • She has a mass of black curls, a long, still stare, a restless intellect.
    • My blonde tresses had caused me trouble ever since I had my haircut up to my shoulders, from a previous length of my waist, and the natural curl came out.
    • Pins, clips, combs, and feathers captured their graying hair into elaborate curls and twists.
    • My hair was in spiral curls that hung loosely around my face, forming a dark shadow around my glowing face.
    • She then called for her maid to do her hair, which ended up in elaborate curls, twisted and pinned around a pearl and sapphire tiara.
    • Her hair was in a French twist with a few curls framing her face.
    • Beautiful blonde locks and bouncy curls framed the delicately shaped face.
    • Gabriel had black hair cut short at the sides and back, while the top and front was long enough to show the curl in his thick hair.
    • He had short apricot-colored hair with a small hint of curl, his eyes shown a bright green, and his face was gently colored with a soft patch of freckles.
    • The holsters have a lip curl so the cylinder will not hang up when re-holstering.
    • After a year of curls, hair is heading for a pared-down look.
    • The vegetables will open up or set in wonderful stars, curls or palm-tree shapes.
    • She released the lock of dark brown hair, letting it fall into a graceful spiral curl.
    • The damp is taking all the curl out of my naturally curly hair!
    • Something about the dress brought out the twinkle in her eyes and the curl of her dark hair.
    • I bit my lip lightly as I finished putting the final curl in the left ponytail on my head.
    • Finally, for you curly heads, don't towel dry your hair because it'll break up your natural curl, creating lackluster, frizzy hair.
    • He was smaller than the man at the door, his hair tied back in a tangle of dark curls.
    • Her hair was damp too, making her usually straight hair coil up in small curls.
    • The curl of smoke twisted through the tall grass as the hunter stared over the hill tops.
    • It ‘gave a rotundity to my person, a wave and curl to my hair, and perhaps led me to fancy pictorial illustration and flaming colours’.
    • Because hair is porous, it absorbs moisture, which activates curl.
    • Fear, greed and sexual obsession tangle in a plot that has more twists than a curl of smoke traveling through a double helix.
    • Use a curling iron to add a very soft curl at the bottom of the lock of hair.
    • She had desperately tried to tame her hair by running a comb through her tangle of curls, but with no avail.
    • You won't see his receivers running a lot of curls, running to the sideline or catching the ball from a dead stop.
    • The easiest way to shape thin chocolate curls is to shave them directly from a block of chocolate, using a swivel vegetable peeler or sharp knife.
    • Personally I hate my hair; it tends to have a natural curl to it, so I cut it to prevent it from getting out of control.
    • It is then treated with an oxidizing solution that reforms protein bonds and causes the hair to maintain a curl.
    • A quick climb up the family tree and it's easy to pick out the source of our eye color, the curl in our hair, even our personality quirks.
    • Shower and shampoo has left my hair in an uncontrollable mass of curls and tangles.
    • Her auburn hair fell down about her shoulders, the ends styled in spiral curls.
  • 2

    (of lips)
    mueca de desprecio feminine
    • With a roll of my eyes and a curl of my lip, I took out my notebook and started sketching.
    • In a minute, I am onto the coast road and following its curl as it descends toward probably the most famous beach in the world.
    • He, apparently ruthless in his ambition, gave up on mainstream politics with barely a curl of those famous lips.
    • However, there was an angry curl to his lips as he awaited the Old Man's explanation.
    • I read over my recent entries with a curl to my lip; I'm not at my sparkling best in winter.
    • He fought to control the instinctive curl of his lip.
    • Unfortunately, while we might be prepared to complain about deficiencies in our own immediate locality, when we see a mess further afield we tend to pass it by with a curl of the lip.
    • She looks at him with a delighted curl to her red lips.
    • With a squint of eye, a curl of lip, a twist of neck, and a body slanguage equally at home in boardrooms and barrooms, she embodies everyone she sees.
    • Worse than that: they evoke a contemptuous curl of the lip.
    • He inhabits the champ from the first curl of his lip and half-lidded gaze.
    • She averted her eyes, shifting her gaze to her feet in an attempt to avoid the mischievous curl of his lips.
    • His eyes speak volumes and a sneering curl of his lip or raising of the brow conveys as much as a page of dialogue or explanation.
    • Nothing wrong with that, but a slight tweak in hand position transforms an ordinary curl into a hammer curl.
    • She easily captures this grasping floozy, with just a curl of her bee-stung lips and her eyes alternately vacant and cunning.
    • I could tell he had adopted an unusual air by the strange curl on his beautiful lips.
    • Aimee could spot the vindictive curl on his lips, the hand holding the cup of fruit juice rising and before she knew it, the contents of the cups were emptied all over her.
    • She tried to ignore her, but she caught the quick curl of lips and grinned.
    • That bent and stooped body became, for a time, capable of conveying the subtlest of messages in an arch of an eyebrow, the curl of a lip.
  • 3

    (of smoke)
    voluta feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hair) rizar
    (hair) encrespar Southern Cone
    (hair) enchinar Mexico
    (hair) enrular River Plate
    • Before long she'd nod off, book splayed out the armrest, fingers still curled around the mug.
    • You've known him for less than a week, and he's already got you curled round his little finger!
    • They are oddly shaped, curled in at five points on each dried leaf.
    • He looks sun-tanned and well, clearly enjoying his cup of tea as he daintily curls his fingers round the handle.
    • He untied something from his neck and placed it in her hand, and curled her fingers round it.
    • He reached out and touched her face gently, a windblown strand of hair curling around his finger.
    • Her straight hair was curled slightly, curving below her shoulders.
    • She had her jacket slung over her shoulder, her finger curled through the loop in a way that was enticing despite being mundane.
    • She was deep in conversation with the girl sitting by her, bent forward, her hair curling round her face, her eyes wide.
    • He wrapped his fingers in her long curling hair and rested his forehead against hers.
    • Her fingers curled tightly into his hair, almost pulling it in her frustration.
    • When he didn't move she curled her hand around the solid shoulder and shook him gently.
    • Laughing, she walks over to the table and lightly flicks her fingers through Ian's curling brown hair.
    • Lightly pan-fry bologna slice (with rind) until it curls into a bowl shape.
    • Her hair was curled with little corkscrews coming down, and a loose bun full of curls, with a few extra sparkly hair clips in it.
    • His tiny pink fingers and toes were curled tightly, and his eyes were shut, but, to his mother, he was perfect.
    • Instead, her arms circled his neck, her fingers curling into his hair.
    • His hand moved to curl fondly around my waist as we walked down the hall.
    • Allow the pieces to cool before moving them to prevent curling and crimping.
    • He bent downward, and curled his fingers into one large fist.
  • 2

    (twist, bend)
    the snake curled itself around the branch la serpiente se enroscó / se enrolló alrededor de la rama
    • she curled herself into a ball se hizo un ovillo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (hair) rizarse
    (hair) ensortijarse literary
    (hair) encresparse Southern Cone
    (hair) enchinarse Mexico
    (hair) enrularse River Plate
    • I just curled around him and pulled up at the free throw line.
    • Her smoke curled toward the light over the table where a moth was bumping against the bulb.
    • But with two minutes remaining it was he who managed to grab the winner when he curled in a shot from 20 yards.
    • He took precise aim with a lob from the corner of the box but it refused to curl in and drifted harmlessly across goal.
    • Smoke rose in curling tendrils up to the ceiling that was starting to stain with the toxic fumes.
    • He just tried another curler, but it was too curly and it curled away from goal.
    • The smoke from his pipe curled into the air in lazy circles.
    • I glanced up at the sky, and indeed, smoke was curling lazily from one of three chimneys.
    • I felt my stomach backflip as the smoke curled around me.
    • She began to fiddle with it nervously, turning it over and over in her hands, the cigarette bobbing up and down with smoke curling across her hands.
    • The assistant referee signalled that the cross had curled out of play before hitting the woodwork.
    • He takes a shot from the dead ball line, but it curls behind the goal.
    • Sweet-smelling fingers of smoke twisted and curled into the air, filling the sanctuary with a primordial mist.
    • Smoke curled inside itself, pushing out through slitted windows.
    • He eyed the smoke curling out of the oven and was in a state of semi-panic and confusion.
    • Doc turned us on a straight line for the wagon train and they curled off their course to meet us.
    • Two men sit in a small, claustrophobic room, cigarette smoke curling through the soft light.
    • Your wings can also curl around the post players or even go baseline and exchange places with each other.
    • Orthodox priests held a memorial service, and the blue smoke of incense smoke curled in the hot summer air.
    • It curls towards goal and he plucks it confidently from the air.
  • 2

    (paper/leaf/edge) ondularse
    (paper/leaf/edge) rizarse
  • 3

    (path) serpentear
    (smoke) formar volutas
    (smoke) hacer volutas
    (smoke) subir en espirales