Translation of curler in Spanish:


rulo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkəːlə//ˈkərlər/


  • 1

    (for hair)
    rulo masculine
    rulero masculine River Plate
    marrón masculine Colombia
    chino masculine Mexico
    tubo masculine Mexico Chile
    to have one's curlers in, to be in curlers tener los rulos (or ruleros etc.) puestos
    • Always use lash curlers - the effect really opens up the eye.
    • She pulled out the curlers and put her hair in a half pony tail, before adding a layer of high shine spray.
    • I was beginning to think that I was supposed to rush out in the early morning, hair in curlers, in my pink chenille dressing gown and start laying concrete or similar physical nonsense.
    • My mom leaned over the stove in her pink robe and hair curlers.
    • Don't allow your child to use the stove, microwave, hot curlers, or iron.
    • Her hair was in curlers and she was in a light pink robe.
    • She came sprinting into the hallway in a yellow dressing gown wrapped around her medium frame, curly hair covered in curlers.
    • Before curling your eyelashes, heat the curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds.
    • Hair can also tangle when piled on top of the head during shampoo treatments, around various types of curlers and in hair brushes.
    • She needs to run hair dryers and curlers and hair irons and other fancy equipment for the few ladies left in the city who still want to look good.
    • She turned back towards her vanity table and began putting curlers in her hair.
    • I offered to help with the retrieval, guiltily remembering the days I used to borrow combs, hair curlers, and all the brushes I could stick together with which to build.
    • He came out with curlers in his hair, and sat on a stoop.
    • Does this heated eyelash curler really work?
    • She had curlers in her hair, waiting patiently to take them out, and had yet to do her makeup, but still she thought herself gorgeous; truly beautiful.
    • Children invented pencil toppers in the same way they will dress clothespins, shoes, or hair curlers, detail dust pans, and lend sticker eyes to a fly swatter.
    • And then suddenly ‘mother’ was a woman who wore curlers in her hair.
    • On her next visit she had her electric hair curlers and electric hair drier.
    • I have the same trouble with my hair - except with curlers, not straighteners.
    • Use a curling iron or add heated curlers to make the curls.