Translation of curry comb in Spanish:

curry comb

almohaza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkəri ˌkoʊm/


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    almohaza feminine
    • If you ask a Yorkshire man, at his first coming up to get a service, what he can do; his answer is, sir, he can look after your horse, for he handles a curry comb as naturally as a young scrivener does a pen and ink.
    • I brushed Ginger, Maude, Patience, and Patrick with a curry comb while they ate every evening.
    • Grabbing a curry comb from the pile, I started rubbing his coat in circles, getting all the dirt off and raising all the loose hair.
    • They keep brushes, curry combs, hoof picks and medicine clean and in cabinet.
    • I told him about the brushes, the curry combs, the hoof picks, enormous detail my Dad had taught me, things I hardly could believe I knew or remembered.
    • "Well, no", Annie said, trading her curry comb for a hard brush.
    • She began with a curry comb to loosen the dirt then a hard brush to sweep it away.
    • ‘I tried curry combs, cat brushes and Velcro but finally settled on a simple 4-inch square of carpet with a few small tacks sticking through it,’ he says.