Translation of cursed in Spanish:


maldito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkəːsɪd//kəːst//ˈkərsəd//kərst/


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    • I live in that cursed keyboard world; it's so terribly lonely, and frustrating when your computer breaks.
    • He finds out from Gandalf how dangerous the ring is and must make the trip to distant Rivendell to decide the fate of the cursed item.
    • For those unfamiliar with the design of the cursed building I inhabit, I live in the (rather shabbily) converted attic.
    • Hamlet said, as I recall, ‘O cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right,’ or something like that.
    • Despite being an ode to the cursed Maple Leafs, this song succeeds by playing up the superstition inherent in hockey.
    • If the sacred remnants of the ancients fall into this cursed fate, all but one will parish.
    • She was now not quite a widow, which for a Bengali Hindu woman would be the most cursed state, but a woman who brings her family misfortune and death.
    • No one expects peace in this cursed paradise yet.
    • The instant their prince drew the cursed blade, its power reached out to them.
    • A shy New York artist fears she may have descended from a family of cursed women who turn into panthers when turned on.
    • The cursed videotape is nothing compared to the original.
    • Because of my misfortune, I am hunted and condemned like a cursed criminal.
    • For those who haven't seen the movie, the plot hinges around a cursed video which causes anyone who watches it to die within seven days.
    • I gave up all vices, unlike my cursed evil twin, who was often sighted at local pubs in the company of women of questionable virtue.
    • But the attempt was marred by technical difficulties ranging from slow camera updates to not having the cursed thing plugged in.
    • And if his cursed power keeps me in the world of the living, then I shall bury my morals.
    • Meanwhile, everyone she films with her cursed camera meets an untimely doom.
    • Their cursed digital cameras flared out those blinding blue and green lights throughout the concert.
    • Why do you have to go to law school and live with your girlfriend and leave me behind to languish and molder in this cursed workplace?
    • The pace picks up as the crew from the cursed ship starts an eerie song and the celebrating sailors try to counter with a merry drinking song of their own.