Translation of curvature in Spanish:


curvatura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkərvətʃər//ˈkəːvətʃə//ˈkərvəˌtʃʊr/


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    curvatura feminine
    he suffers from curvature of the spine tiene desviación de columna
    • There is, of course, no change to the on-axis response since no lens curvatures or thicknesses were changed.
    • Line tensions and director fields depend on the elastic moduli and the spontaneous curvatures of the raft and the surround.
    • It is actually a response to the curvatures in space-time. Objects that appear to be manipulated by a force are just following the natural pathways along those curves.
    • To approximate the geometric flexibility that could be achieved in concrete, the circular steel frame that replaced it had twenty-eight radius points for laying out the plan's different curvatures.
    • It is the most graceful of birds in flight and its body curvatures and wing span excite all who witness it.
    • Similar double curvatures were used for concave lenses, and even more complicated corrections for astigmatism.
    • Clinicians should remain alert for large spinal curvatures when examining adolescents.
    • Are there deviations at very strong curvatures, or for that matter very weak curvatures?
    • The curvatures of the electronically controlled seats and backs can be individually adjusted.
    • Previously, the profile was analyzed only from the curvatures at the top of the rise-decay curve to obtain averaged D at one specific time.
    • Both curvatures can be treated with back braces as long as the patient's body is still growing.
    • More detailed analysis showed (unpublished results) that the optimum shape of a bent bilayer should be found by minimizing local energy density as a function of two principal curvatures and the energy can be somewhat decreased.
    • Cohen is right that sensible societies shouldn't trust generals to navigate the myriad curvatures of war without civilian oversight.
    • In the 1950s, doubly curved crystal fabrication progressed to include crystals featuring different surface curvatures along orthogonal axes parallel to the surface.
    • The geometrical analysis yields the principal curvatures and the Gaussian curvature for each cell on the reconstructed meristem surface.
    • Spinal curvatures are an example; these are invariably linked to muscular imbalances.
    • So are you ready to be bedazzled by the Barcelona curves and curvatures?
    • Circles underlying the curvatures of the seating rows do not appear on the building's exterior, since the theater as a rectangular volume was encased in hotel and office space.
    • Many examination techniques are used to evaluate patients presenting with spinal curvatures.
    • This is remarkable, since it also implies that different mechanistic relations have to be co-ordinated differently in order to get similar curvatures.