Translation of curvy in Spanish:


curvo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkərvi//ˈkəːvi/

adjectivecurvier, curviest

  • 1

    (line) curvo
    (figure) curvilíneo
    (road) con muchas curvas
    • I like the hand held best as it allows me to flip from channel to channel easier than the base unit in the car, but if a break is more than a minute on a curvy road then the transmission is not all that clear.
    • She wasn't very tall and looking at her voluptuous body and curvy figure I definitely would have guessed her to be older then a high school student.
    • She'd finally regained the weight she'd lost under the stress she'd suffered the year before and sported a healthy, curvy figure instead of nearly skeletal look of pain and stress.
    • I took the next bus out, motoring up curvy roads to the Argentinian border.
    • She turned off the freeway and they ended up on a rather curvy mountain road.
    • Ty looked over in her direction nervously, admiring her curvy figure and lush lips.
    • To enhance control and fun on curvy roads, move the shifter to manual mode and slap it up and down through six distract ratios like the best manu-matic.
    • The four young pilots came to a startling halt as they watched the lithe, curvy figure stepping out of the cockpit.
    • Let's face it: size 10 isn't exactly huge, and I have lots of guys that appreciate my toned and curvy and voluptuous figure.
    • Several trucks were moving at a snail's pace, wiggling their way along the curvy road, while dozens more waited for their turn to unload their garbage.
    • The entry to one large town was down a long, steep, curvy road, which I weaved down very slowly.
    • She was of average height and had a curvy figure consisting of the old-fashioned hour-glass shape Wyatt had seen so often in the old 1940's Hollywood movies.
    • The newcomers driving through the curvy roads, car sick from every right and left turn, looked up at the sky with wide eyes of worry and fear.
    • I happen to be very short-waisted with a curvy figure.
    • She was the one I saw fighting with Christopher in the street, the one with flowing auburn hair and the curvy figure.
    • To be sure it's a nuisance in the average parking lot, but above parking lot speeds it handles well enough, and on the highway is relaxing to drive on both straight stretches and curvy patches.
    • Her figure was curvy and strong, as her career demanded.
    • I have English Breakfast tea in a blue and white porcelain cup - not an austere Chinese willows weeping vessel, but an Italian blue flowers happily dancing on white type ceramic curvy cup.
    • A plain yellow pencil tapped just outside a bright color photograph of a pretty young girl, around sixteen years old, with a wonderfully curvy figure and ebony skin.
    • An eighteen-wheeler had been driving on the wrong side of a curvy road, and my dad swerved around it to get out of the way.
    • The next day, Mr. Nilhammer took the bus across flat, curvy roads that cut through barley fields and hedge rows about five miles west of Saint Lo to visit a monument at La Chapelle Enjuger.
    • Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a tall, rugged youth with an eye patch stepped out from the shadows, a slender girl with long hazel hair and a curvy figure trailing after him.
    • She was now tall with a curvy figure and good-sized breasts, and even covered in dirt her beauty shone through.
    • The guy in the Corvair is driving up a curvy mountain road.
    • Look at the black-and-white photos of them back then, him with a chiseled jaw, her with a curvy figure.
    • We can start with her curvy figure that could not be hidden from the world, even the all girls' Catholic school uniform and the fluffy winter jacket that she wore could not conceal it all.
    • I followed the curvy roads of Promise City to the corner of Main and Elm, driving as if on autopilot.
    • In fact, it looks like the curvy mountain road on all those car ads, except greener.
    • She is much happier with her mature, more curvy figure than she was with the long, thin frame and twig-like legs that typified the look of the Sixties.
    • At about 4: 00 p.m., she was going about 30 miles per hour and hit a patch of black ice on a steep, curvy section of the road and lost control of her vehicle.
    • Chris hadn't remembered the directions perfectly and we drove down a number of wrong roads, curvy tree-lined gravel roads with small animals darting across them.
    • She presented a luscious curvy figure and wore a luxuriant dark wig - something that seems to have developed since this production's early performances.
    • All this tracked through my mind as I poked down the road to the curvy dirt lane leading up to Zork's daddy's cottage.
    • Like riding in a fast car on a curvy road, most growth stocks make me queasy.
    • Suede defied the norm with articles like ‘Jeans, The Urban Fit’ that addressed the needs of curvy figures.
    • Missy's fans and friends have been dropping their jaws at her newest invention: her retooled curvy figure.
    • It was rather tight accentuating her curvy figure.
    • Then you follow steep, curvy Agency Creek Road down into Idaho's Lemhi River Valley.
    • The teen screen queen shot to stardom on her wholesome good looks: red hair, freckles and a curvy figure.
    • I kept going through fog, down curvy roads, across damp grass, through the dark house, until he was in my arms and there were kisses and everything was instantly right with the world.