Translation of cut in Spanish:


tajo, n.

Pronunciation: /kət//kʌt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(wound)

      tajo masculine
      corte masculine

    • 1.2(incision)

      corte masculine
      to make a cut in sth hacer un corte en algo
      • Gingerly, I touched the red cut on his forehead, and he flinched.
      • Nick arrived late, looking worse than ever, with strange cuts all over his arms.
      • This causes the dough to expand rapidly, the cuts on top opening to give the leaf-shaped scars typical of these loaves.
      • Also, it is extremely important to ensure the rotating band is secure on the projectile and that there are no cuts, dents, or excessive rust on the band.
      • Martin seemed in more trouble when he dropped short and Gilchrist aimed a cut.
      • While a person is feeling the tread, the entire tire should also be inspected for such safety-related damage as cuts, cracks, blisters, or bulges.
      • The injuries ranged from cuts and bruises to lacerations needing stitches, broken arms and back injuries.
      • Rub the pork rind with olive oil, thyme and sea salt, smearing it into the scored cuts, and place the pork on a rack in the roasting tray.
      • Vitamin B9 assists the body in forming red blood cells, and vitamin C promotes healthy skin and allows our cuts and scrapes to heal quickly.
      • Scars on the skin appear when a cut or other injury is healing.
      • Gayle, usually the flamboyant strokemaker, played a subdued innings with only rare sightings of his trademark drives and cuts.
      • Her once flawless skin was covered with cuts and bruises.
      • They got her into the cabin and Mr Adams, trained in first aid, cleaned her cuts and abrasions with alcohol.
      • He is strong off the back, utilising hooks and cuts to great effect.
      • Shaving cream creates a lubricated environment for the razor, preventing cuts and leaving skin silky smooth.
      • My hands are scattered with various scratches, grazes and cuts, the worst of them on my middle finger, which looks as if it's been attacked with a hammer.
      • They adapted to the variable bounce, and then launched into the bowlers in a flurry of cuts, sweeps, drives and lofts over the infield.
      • Also, if cuts are present in the tyre wall, the tyre can be weakened, making it dangerous.
      • He played some elegant straight bat drives, and he also played some beautiful horizontal bat cuts.
      • First, the doctor will clean the skin around the cut so it won't get infected.
      • Gently clean the skin where it has cuts and rashes.
      • With his cuts cleaned, and a bit of plaster, he looked like an innocent ten year old, who'd fallen off his bicycle.
      • A few were bleeding from the nose or had facial cuts.
      • One woman went to the hospital with facial cuts and a broken nose.
      • He sustained minor injuries of slight cuts and scratches to his head.
      • He smiles at her and she smiles back then continues to clean the cut on his shoulder.
      • Score the surface with shallow cuts to makes six or eight wedges each.
      • She covered her face with her arms as she slid on the pavement, causing several cuts to appear on her arms, legs, and stomach.
      • Check tyres for damage, looking out for any cuts, cracks or bulges, as these can lead to slow punctures and blowouts.
      • One suffered cuts and bruises after jumping from a first-floor bedroom.
      • In her terror, the woman instinctively put her hand up to protect her neck and suffered a cut from the blade.
      • I had a first aid kit in my pack, so I cleaned the cut with antiseptic and put a band-aid on it.

  • 2

    • 2.1(reduction)

      a wage cut un recorte salarial
      • a tax cut una reducción / rebaja en los impuestos
      • to make cuts in essential services hacer recortes en los servicios esenciales
      • to take a cut in salary aceptar un sueldo más bajo
      • Any job cuts are a blow but the company has got to do something, I understand that even if I'm not happy with it.
      • There will be more swingeing job cuts, and this is bound to have an impact on consumer confidence.
      • The tax cuts are looking awfully effective at the moment.
      • Maybe some people think that cuts at the museum would be less damaging than cuts elsewhere.
      • Such extreme cuts along with rises in council tax could cause friction between the council and the government.
      • The company will have 4,600 employees after the cuts are implemented.
      • The most outrageous thing about the budget is to call for permanent tax cuts, which don't even show up in your five-year budget.
      • The law ordered striking hospital employees back to work with a 15 per cent pay cut.
      • The bulk of the Government's regional funding cuts were announced last month in the mid-year economic review.
      • Any price cuts would be implemented from April, according to the newspaper.
      • Soaring debt - which at one stage was predicted to reach £11m - has led to a series of cuts ranging from ward closures to stopping snacks for patients.
      • All three central banks in the United States, Britain and Europe announced half-point interest rate cuts.
      • Protests are inevitable once proposed massive cuts in education, health care, welfare and transportation sink in.
      • When most motorists have a genuine and convenient public transport alternative for their journey, that is the time to implement car park cuts.
      • However, staff cuts should be considered only when all else fails.
      • The cuts have been considered as part of an internal review in the face of falling student applications for some courses.
      • The company is also demanding a 10 percent across-the-board pay cut and reduction in benefits for those employees kept on.
      • The only thing that is certain is that if the university does not expand deep budget cuts are inevitable.
      • The total amount of budget cuts runs to just over £900,000.
      • For a health care system already on life support due to extreme budget cuts, the extraction of $500,000,000 dollars would be the death knell.

    • 2.2(in text, film)

      (deletion) corte masculine
      (deleted material) trozo omitido masculine
      • After heavy cuts, the film was released by Hammer in August of 1962; it did not reach the US until July 1965, as the bottom half of a double bill.
      • There is then an abrupt cut to a graveyard where two brothers meet, after a long separation, for the burial of their father.
      • Set in an abandoned mine, the work features rapid-fire cuts and scene changes that give it a breathless, surrealistic bite.
      • Secondly, Quentin Tarantino needs a new editor - someone who can convince him to make the really hard cuts.
      • They were smart cuts from the film, but they are definitely interesting to watch today.
      • Harris' use of unconventional camera angles and quick cuts invigorates these scenes.
      • Baird, of course, takes the Berman stance and agrees with the cuts made to the film.
      • There aren't many cuts - often a scene will take place before us in one shot, with the camera serenely gliding from one side of a room to the other.
      • The editing, however, is poor: abrupt cuts between long, static shots.
      • In the earlier film, a cut or a fade to black made minutes or even hours disappear.
      • It can be a beautiful shot that works for the entire scene without any additional cuts if necessary.
      • The quick cuts make the film seem more episodic than it need be, with each ‘episode’ focusing on one or two vengeful acts.
      • In most films the cuts would not be so sudden - there would be transition shots of movement to ease the eye.
      • Most scenes are shot as one continuous take, with cuts taking place only where changes in location necessitate them.
      • This is also down to the editing style of Walter Murch who prefers to only make cuts when absolutely necessary.
      • The way this scene is done, with very few cuts, is one of the most intense scenes in cinema, as you're watching the end unfold mysteriously.
      • After the film has been edited and completed for release in India it has to go through the censor board, where they can also make cuts.
      • Quick cuts between scenes stitch the boarding house residents' stories together, giving a sense of the whole without dwelling on any single individual.
      • Instead of underlining the drama with music or emphatic cuts, the film takes a dry, laconic approach.
      • Those directors shot a lot of their numbers without any cuts, and I wanted to bring that to this film.
      • It allows us to constantly check the scene against one character's reactions to the scene, without distracting cuts or pans.
      • However, Solondz himself made cuts to the film that no one will ever see.
      • Since then, they have reached a compromise, wherein the director agreed to make cuts but was allowed several days of reshoots to make the flow to his satisfaction.
      • Obviously there have been cuts, in both characters and scenes, but what is important is that the very essence of the play, its most salient points, are preserved.
      • Jewison allows the actors to set the tone through long takes rather than forcing the scene through rapid cuts.
      • Also, the pacing of the scenes - when the cuts come, often late and after a period of nothing happening - is very much like a piece of anime.
      • The BBC then appeared to go back to the start of the season, select those episodes that required slightly more cuts and show these in a later slot.
      • Too bad also that Marshall directs Chicago like he's still working in television: all quick cuts and close-ups, no breadth.
      • The play is a little overlong and would benefit from cuts, but each scene is interesting and changes are smoothly executed.
      • Another common stylistic pattern used is that of a quick series of fast cuts of a scene, sometimes repeating parts of it.

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      apagón masculine

  • 3

    • 3.1render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      corte de pelo masculine
      dry/wet cut corte en seco/con el pelo mojado
      • Stylish ladies could get a cut and perm at Southampton department store Owen Owens for £16.30.
      • I went along to the spacious Studio in Edinburgh for a cut and colour to find out.
      • I have let it go years without a proper cut because I just don't know what to do with it.
      • Swindonians were given a cut, brush and blow dry at the weekend to raise money for charity.
      • A cut, shampoo and set would take about an hour, and a perm would take two hours.
      • Daniel has just opened his own salon in Birstall and he is now offering Bradford City fans the chance to bid for a cut and blow dry or restyling.
      • I was first introduced to Reiki some eight years ago, sitting in the hairdressers having a cut and blow dry.
      • After the cream had spent its time in my hair and was washed out, they decided that my hair would need a cut.
      • He is now doing his bit to ensure his former club survives by offering a free cut and blow dry or restyling session.

    • 3.2(of suit)

      corte masculine
      to be a cut above sb/sth
      • he thinks himself a cut above the rest se cree superior a los demás
      • this hotel is a cut above the Ambassador este hotel es de mayor categoría que el Ambassador
      • Louise designs the cut and style and Rita weaves her hue magic to create movement and pizazz.
      • We'll darken your skin with some herbs we have, and we'll change the cut of your hair.
      • She wore her brown hair in the choppy cut of a lead singer from a local rock band.
      • The deep red color looked beautiful on her and the cut flattered her perfect figure.
      • She stood there, in the middle of the crowd, in her black evening gown that had this elegant cut and style to it.
      • The secret to fab hair is in the cut, not the containers of setting gunk!
      • In a nutshell, you have to look at the fabric, the cut and finally, examine some of the finishing details.
      • The magistrate was a woman in her early to mid forties with completely gray hair which was styled in a cut just below her ears with a bit of a wave.
      • That way you can grow accustomed to the new style or cut and you'll be able to get a better idea of whether the style suits you or not.
      • I'm back to the skater cut, because girls tell me my hair is so nice, so I grew it out.
      • She wore her hair in a pixie cut with bright blonde streaks through the natural brown.
      • She had angled blonde hair in a similar cut to mine, but hers had sharper angles.
      • He looks at the build of the ship, the cut of its sails, the dusky color of crew's skin.
      • As for the cut, I tapered the hair on the back and sides, gradually creating fullness toward the top.
      • You might recognize the vintage look in this jacket, thanks to the style, cut and fabric.
      • The cut is still manly but they're a trimmer fit than a lot of other overalls.
      • All I see is his broad back encased in an expensive black suit, and the elegant cut of his dark hair.
      • The cut and styling are very nice but it's the fabrics they use that I love.
      • Soon the man who had run off came back with a large muscular man with short hair in a military cut and a dark tanned skin.
      • There's nothing wrong with pants and a jacket, just be sure they are the right ones with a modern cut and pizzazz!

  • 4

    (of meat)
    (type) corte masculine
    (piece) trozo masculine
    • And I love slow-stewed and braised dishes made from the less lovely cuts of meat.
    • The options for main courses were dominated in my mind by the open fridge piled high with succulent cuts of red meat.
    • Less tender cuts - stew meat, riblets and shanks - are tenderized by cooking with moist heat, such as braising and stewing.
    • If you're concerned about the amount of fat you take in, choose leaner cuts, cook the meat longer and concentrate more on chicken and turkey.
    • For example, add lean cuts of red meat or dark poultry to your meals on a regular basis.
    • As the types of meat were as likely to be lower quality animals, methods were needed to help tenderize the tougher cuts of meat.
    • Look for lean cuts of these meats with minimal visible fat.
    • If you've got the time, foods such as eggs, poultry, fish, and lean cuts of red meat are excellent sources of complete protein.
    • It's better to stick to lean cuts of red meat, white meat or fish.
    • There is even a full-time butcher, preparing the cuts of meat from carcass.
    • Before my eyes I was shocked to see that whichever child screamed and cried the loudest was rewarded with the choice cuts from a smiling dad.
    • Fatty cuts of meat and processed meats are among meats high in saturated fat.
    • Do you like aged prime cuts of beef that are exceptionally well prepared?
    • Choosing lean cuts of meat and trimming off the visible fat are easy ways to avoid this problem.
    • For beef, good casserole cuts are shin, brisket, neck, topside, thick flank or shoulder.
    • Filco will now be selling prime cuts and a full range of roasting cuts, as well as looking at Celtic Pride added-value products like sausages and burgers.
    • If you can't get hold of veal, use stewing cuts of beef instead.
    • Halfway through a king size cut of steak she seemed to make progress toward sobriety.
    • And I did appreciate that you started letting in boneless cuts of beef.
    • Larger cuts of meat may be placed in raw marinades for an extended period of time but are typically left in the marinades for several hours or overnight.
  • 5informal

    tajada feminine informal
    parte feminine
    to take/get one's cut of sth sacar tajada de algo
    • Yet there is a good chance that if you go to a concert this year, Aiken will be getting a cut of the profits.
    • When Kev and Mike come bearing gifts, they want to flog them down their local, promising the barmaid a cut of the profits.
    • I am just waiting for my cut, I do have a family at home to feed.
    • I just wonder if Stewart was serious about plans for his cut of the race purse.
    • We get a cut on any books that you buy, of course.
    • Work the angle, play your part in the con, get your cut and then get out.
    • He wants Jenny to babysit the fugitives in return for a cut of the book's proceeds.
    • Each site that sells a track or an album will receive a cut of the profits from the transaction.
    • Did I mention that I am not only a middleman, but I am taking a cut for doing absolutely nothing.
    • Muley says the owners are not making money and need the tenants' cut of the profits.
    • He controlled the cops and didn't mind violating the 18th Amendment as long as he got his cut.
    • She has made a deal to let two greasy thugs grow pot on their farmland in exchange for a cut of the profits.
    • More likely they'd drive me to the recycling center to cash in my cans, and then demand a cut of the profit.
    • Every time Maxwell closed a deal he got a cut, and this book traces the money trail better than any previous efforts.
    • I will agree that it is good business practice to give employees a cut of profits.
    • Meanwhile, back in reality, I deserve a cut of the firm's profits for the forthcoming financial year.
    • Lastly, please remember to allocate me a cut of the profits when you claim the Nobel Prize for Literature.
    • We could all do with a few quid, so if we do get any money, my cut will come my way.
    • The stars also get a cut of the profits from the show being re-sold and from the sale of videos and DVDs.
    • He wants me to sell his designs and, in turn, I'll get a cut of the profits, as well as a basic minimum wage.
  • 6

    (with knife) cuchillada feminine
    (with rapier) estocada feminine
    (with whip) latigazo masculine
    cut and thrust
    • the cut and thrust of politics el toma y daca de la vida política
    • Often the horse does his work with panting sides and trembling knees, and not seldom gets a cut of the whip from his rider.
    • The leverage is used to continue the counter offensive action and land a cut or thrust.
    • Make cuts on an angle and just above a node, where the leaf attaches to the stem.
    • He watched his father's neat, even blows, chops, cuts, and parries.
    • One person used the scissors repeatedly before he quit the stage, taking time to consider each cut.
    • And people joked about it, used to add up how many cuts of the cane they got as a mark of honour and so on, but I was scared.
    • You can cut this material on a table saw, or with a circular saw, jig saw, hand saw, or by making multiple scoring cuts with a sharp utility knife.
    • The log books show that in those days impertinence was punished by one or two cuts with the cane - or a slap with an open hand.
    • When pruning the Apple tree, first cut out any dead or deceased branches, being careful to make cuts close to the main branch, without leaving any stub.
    • However, a quality, sharp set of scissor blades can glide through any pruning job making good clean cuts which in turn encourages good growth.
    • Make cuts slightly above a strong bud that faces the outside of the plant.
    • Use clean, sharp clippers, and make cuts at 45-degree angles so moisture won't collect on the cut tips.
    • After 22 cuts of the whip, he was starting to feel the pain creeping through his mind.
    • Its heavy metal blade is balanced to aid your efforts in making a solid cut.
  • 7US

    plancha feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wire/wood/rope/paper) cortar
    to cut sth/sb loose soltar algo/a algn
    • to cut sb's throat cortarle el cogote a algn
    • they're going to cut me open and have a look me van a abrir para ver
    • cut the top off it córtale la parte de arriba
    • they cut a path through the undergrowth abrieron un camino a través de la maleza
    • to cut it fine calcular muy justo
  • 2

    (divide, slice up)
    cut the bread into slices corte el pan en rebanadas
    • to cut sth in half/in two cortar algo por la mitad/en dos
  • 3

    (prevent passage through)
    (road/supply lines/railroad) cortar
  • 4

    (gash, wound)
    I cut my finger me corté el dedo
    • you'll cut yourself! ¡te vas a cortar!
    • he's so sharp he'll cut himself! se pasa de listo
  • 5

    (cause pain)
    (scorn/remark) herir
  • 6

    (nails/hair) cortar
    (grass/corn) cortar
    (corn/grass) segar
    to get one's hair cut cortarse el pelo
  • 7

    (in dressmaking)
    (dress/trousers) cortar
  • 8

    (carve, shape)
    (glass/stone) tallar
    his finely cut features sus bien cinceladas facciones literary
  • 9

    (key) hacer
    (hole) hacer
    (disc) grabar informal
  • 10US

    (check) extender
  • 11

    to cut sth ( into sth)
    • a tunnel cut into the mountain un túnel excavado en la montaña
    • a pattern cut into the glass un diseño tallado en el cristal
  • 12

    (coal) extraer
  • 13

    (level/number) reducir
    (budget) recortar
    (rate/price) rebajar
    (price/rate) reducir
    (education/service/workforce) hacer recortes en
    the journey time has been cut by half la duración del trayecto se ha reducido a la mitad
  • 14

    (text) acortar
  • 15

    (scene) cortar
  • 16

    (censors) hacer cortes en
  • 17

    he's cutting his teeth le están saliendo los dientes
  • 18

    (deck) cortar
  • 19

  • 20

    (not attend)
    to cut school capar clase Colombia informal
  • 21

    to cut sb dead dejar a algn con el saludo en la boca
  • 22

    cut the sob story! ¡deja de quejarte!
    • cut the wisecracks! ¡basta ya de bromas!
  • 23

    (switch off)
    (engine/lights) apagar
  • 24informal

    (cocaine/heroin) cortar algo con algo
    to cut sth with sth mezclar algo con algo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (knife/scissors) cortar
    to cut into sth
    • the rope cut into her wrists la cuerda le estaba cortando / lastimando las muñecas
    • to cut and run ahuecar el ala
    • (break free) to cut loose romper las ataduras
    • (lose restraint) he cut loose with a string of insults se desató en una sarta de insultos
  • 2

    (words) herir
    her remarks cut deep sus palabras lo hirieron en lo más vivo
  • 3

    (be cuttable)
    it cuts easily se corta fácilmente
  • 4

    Radio Cinema
    cut! ¡corte(n)!
    • cut to the street la escena pasa a la calle
  • 5

    (in cards)
  • 6

    (lines) cortarse


  • 1

    (flowers) cortado
    (glass) tallado
  • 2Britishinformal

    tomado Latin America informal