Translation of cutie in Spanish:


bombón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkjuːti//ˈkjudi/



  • 1

    bombón masculine informal
    churro masculine South America informal
    she's/he's a little cutie es una monada informal
    • The five young cuties, Rambo, Pedro, Barney, Wendy and Dandy, have fitted in well but are already keeping staff on their toes.
    • Last week, these two young cuties showed up at my local skate park and I was embarrassed by the serious lack of game I witnessed.
    • If you don't like the cuties in designer T-shirts around you, use your binoculars to look up at the ones on deck at Tonic.
    • Will's always been a cutie and I've always been attracted to him, even during my everlasting love for Brett.
    • Look around, and you'll see tons of fresh, never-seen-him-before cuties doing their thing at the pool, the park, the mall - just about anywhere!
    • Sanrio, the company responsible for Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and a host of other cuties, has a billion-dollar turnover, much of it derived from the lucrative licensing of products from T-shirts to sex toys.
    • The exuberant first dance sequence brings to the New York streets a multiethnic rhythm nation of cuties in halters and hip-huggers, all waving little American flags.
    • You won't get jealous when I flirt with all the cuties in Aikido.
    • I noticed one of the cuties had left his seat, and I said out loud, ‘Hey!’
    • Naturally I took heaps of photos of all the cuties.
    • Here is a funny picture of my three cuties: Kris, Jenny and Bella
    • Sedaka leers at some bikini-clad cuties, gets involved in a love triangle, sings ‘Waterbug’ and promptly disappears from the film, never to be seen again.
    • For the moment, though, London is making the most of it, and I spent lunchtime sat in Soho Square reading a rival magazine amid the topless cuties.
    • A kid who comes out should receive presents and cards and have a party thrown for him or her (with a delegation of cuties from the local LGB youth group invited).
    • So get with the girls, dress up, go out, smile at some cuties and, this time, go for someone who really does deserve someone as great as you!
    • These two cuties, guitarists in their band Raw Material, used to burn holes in their ‘lucky’ guitar picks and string them onto chains.
    • I appreciate that variety is the spice of life, and writing every story about blonde cuties Jan and Peter would be boring in the extreme.
    • This is the kind of song which just washes over UK viewers but will hoover up the Balkan votes, particularly as it has a boyband with 3 cuties.
    • Not to mention that on a 30-minute run in the Olmsted-designed Prospect Park near my house I see literally dozens of cuties in Marilyn's class.
    • Some of the images, such as local Web cam cuties frolicking against a colourful backdrop, look elaborately directed.