Translation of cutlery in Spanish:


cubiertos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkətləri//ˈkʌtləri/


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    cubiertos masculine
    cubertería feminine
    cuchillería feminine Chile
    • Dishes and cutlery were scattered on kitchen tables, unmade beds gaped, just as their occupants had abandoned them.
    • Not for nothing is David Mellor one of the leading designers in this country who has consistently turned out beautiful cutlery and utensils.
    • Grandma brought a toaster, some plates, mugs, cutlery and food yesterday.
    • Don't even imagine spilling a fleck of gravy on it, and it seems a shame to sully that highly polished cutlery with messy old food.
    • Out would come the silver cutlery and the special plates with the gold decoration.
    • I arrange some serviettes on the table, along with some cutlery and utensils.
    • Harel heard her sigh and looked at her poking her food on the fine china plate with the silver cutlery.
    • As the literature says, you need to use a cutting board to protect your cutlery, not the granite.
    • The customers will be served Indian and Mughlai food in silver cutlery, which no other restaurant can boast of.
    • One of the girls that was putting down the cutlery was putting the spoons next to the forks… on the left side of the plate.
    • If she used the wrong cutlery for the wrong food, she had to demand a new fork/spoon for the occasion.
    • Everything - the food, the cutlery, the carpet on her floor, the view from her window - is safe and familiar.
    • It is in the spoons and cutlery section, however, the book will in many ways prove most useful to collectors, dealers and curators.
    • Sailors were assigned to messes, each of around ten to twenty-five men, and equipped with a stowable table, cutlery, plates and a bread bin.
    • She had already been into town that day to buy new cutlery and kitchen utensils.
    • Natty got her plates and cutlery and the paintings and all the things that she said she couldn't do without…
    • They were at the same table, with the same food and cutlery.
    • The cupboard above the sink is not a cupboard - it's rows of drying racks for your plates, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans.
    • The fish were sent out with heated plates and a new set of cutlery: a knife and three-pronged fork to replace the soup spoons.
    • Iris was prevented from answering immediately because as soon as she retrieved her cutlery she forked some pancake into her mouth.
    • Danny is pushing his food around the plate with his cutlery glumly.
    • It's like being at an all-you-can eat buffet and not having any serving cutlery.
    • You know, that wacky ritual we do every day involving food and cutlery?
    • I can just see him sitting down to his tea and not being able to pick up his cutlery without twitching his knife and fork backwards and forwards in a rowing motion.
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    cuchillería feminine