Translation of cutthroat in Spanish:


degollador, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈkʌtθrəʊt//ˈkətθroʊt/


  • 1literary

    degollador masculine
    degolladora feminine
    asesino masculine
    asesina feminine
    • And of course the fact that there are elections in the offing would have absolutely nothing to do with the timing of Michael's pronouncements that the group is a bunch of murderers, gangsters, cut-throats and crooks.
    • With his crew of cut-throats, Sinbad attacked defenceless merchant ships and did what pirates do, thankfully omitted here because this is a U-certificate cartoon from DreamWorks.
    • Amidst a crew of cut-throats and villainous slave traders, Davie feels that all is utterly hopeless and he despairs of his future alone in the world with no hope of return to his beloved homeland.
    • Not all of Condé's novels push the reader around to the same extent as do the characters of Tituba the witch or Célanire the ‘cut-throat cut-throat.’
    • Yet he ‘and his crew of financial cut-throats can loot the bank and rob 1260 depositors and you can send him to the penitentiary for only three years.’
    • However, when Lafitte died, so too died the protection he had provided his homeowner friends from his band of pirate cut-throats.
  • 2British

    navaja feminine


  • 1

    (competition) feroz
    (competition) salvaje