Translation of cutting in Spanish:


recorte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkʌtɪŋ//ˈkədɪŋ/


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    • 1.1British (from newspaper)

      recorte masculine
      • One of her favourite hobbies was collecting cuttings from local newspapers about happenings and events in which her family were involved.
      • The videos and newspaper cuttings will be replayed and pored over again and again, the talk after the match will be of those players who made it happen.
      • I need dates, team names or players names, copies of old fixtures or league tables, trophies, newspaper cuttings, and would like to hear from players from those very early years.
      • And in her front room every inch of wall space was plastered with album covers, clocks, pictures, newspaper cuttings and a large Ziggy Stardust mirror.
      • Sergeant Bentley's family have kept an archive of his possessions and newspaper cuttings.
      • There are occasional placards and newspaper cuttings, too, which would benefit from basic translation for an English-speaking audience.
      • There are in the bundles before us many other reports from various organisations, letters to and from the British Embassy and newspaper cuttings all of which helps us to form a reliable picture of what is happening and is likely to happen.
      • Nephew Jack's third letter again had me delving deep into my drawer full of old newspaper cuttings, and after a quick rummage around I found just what I was looking for.
      • I show him his ‘girlfriends file’ from the archive, a selection of newspaper cuttings linking him to various women.
      • Always try to corroborate with medals, newspaper cuttings and letters.
      • She drew my attention to a recent wreck dive in the Firth of Forth and enclosed lurid Scottish newspaper cuttings about it.
      • I read the newspaper reports and keep cuttings.
      • She suddenly produced a cutting from a newspaper article and slammed it down on the desk in front of Patrick.
      • Among the items on display will be old photographs, documents, newspaper cuttings, reports and children's work on the history of their school.
      • The website has gathered together a wealth of archive material including photographs, recordings and newspaper cuttings from key strikes and campaigns.
      • Ever since we first published the book we have been busy compiling a file of local news, newspaper cuttings and potential updates.
      • Mixed with newspaper and magazine cuttings of photos and articles about the actress were real photos, taken by Brett or someone he knew, of Carla at various times in her life.
      • I included cuttings from newspapers, drafts of my poems and other written work, sketches and small paintings that I had no other home for.
      • The following newspaper cuttings are, in my view, particularly relevant.
      • When her house was searched last year, a map of his home town plus pictures and newspaper cuttings were found.

    • 1.2(from plant)

      esqueje masculine
      gajo masculine River Plate
      pie masculine Colombia
      patilla feminine Chile
      • Perennial varieties may be propagated by tip cuttings, layering or division.
      • For the rosarian, this may occur during greenhouse propagation of rose cuttings.
      • Not everyone has enough room or light to accommodate cuttings from favorite tender plants from year to year.
      • You can start some herbs, such as thyme, mint and rosemary, from cuttings or from young plants you buy at a florist or greenhouse.
      • To keep my sorrel patch producing at peak capacity, I start new plants from section cuttings every few years.
      • Homeowners may have success propagating clematis by cuttings or layering.
      • For example, many cultivated plants are deliberately propagated asexually by cuttings or grafting, so that one particular variety may be maintained.
      • The usual method of propagation is by leaf cuttings during the spring.
      • The taller plants produced from early cuttings also have a bad habit of losing their lower leaves.
      • Propagating plants from cuttings is even cheaper.
      • About six weeks before the last frost you can take cuttings from the plants.
      • As described above, multiple replicates of host material were made by propagating cuttings of each plant.
      • If you like to experiment, you can make your own cuttings from outdoor plants during the summer.
      • This is that time of year when we take cuttings of our beloved plants.
      • Horticulturists at the facility have repeatedly failed to propagate the plant by cuttings or grafts.
      • Jostaberries are easily propagated by hardwood stem cuttings.
      • Alternatively, bring the plant back inside to grow as a houseplant, or root a few cuttings to start new plants indoors over the winter.
      • There are two different ways to do hardwood cuttings of deciduous plants.
      • Take several cuttings to allow for a percentage of failure and trim the leaves from the lower half of each cutting.
      • Raise new plants from seeds or cuttings, and by layering, and provide support with trellises, pergolas and other structures.

  • 2British

    (for road, railway)
    zanja feminine
    • The A303 road improvement scheme would leave two thirds of the World Heritage Site divided by dual carriageways and deep tunnel cuttings.
    • As you can see in the photo above there are indeed railway cuttings in the area (these are on the Thameslink line) but there's no actual road bearing their name.
    • The money, which will be allocated over two years, will also provide viewpoints of canal cuttings and mooring points to encourage people on narrowboats to stop off in Hyndburn.
    • These beautiful fish have been found in railway cuttings, brick pits and building sites across Sydney, particularly back in the days when excavations were done mostly by hand.
    • Also in April, the French exploded mines under the German position held at Hill 60-in fact, a mound created from the rubbish cleared when a railway cutting was made.
    • The road cutting would become the most prominent monument within the World Heritage site.
    • He also has about 30 cubic meters of shale blocks, carefully moved from harm's way when the road cutting was enlarged in 1999, under shelter in his back garden.
    • The road surface has disintegrated with the volume of heavy construction traffic on it and cuttings in the road put there when services for the project were being connected.
    • Therefore, the response of the mass to a change in loading, for example to a cutting being excavated or a tunnel being driven, may well be determined by the way in which blocks of intact rock move and slide over each other.
    • For some weeks, the Lismore City Council has been upgrading the cutting on Koonorigan Road, Koonorigan.
    • He also marvels at the massive viaducts, deep cuttings and the 1,631-yard Thurstonland Tunnel.
    • He said faults could be seen between Gonubie and East London in the road cuttings, ‘but there is no great movement on them’.
    • Vince says the road cuttings on the way up to the Stratford Plateau, show evidence of at least 20 bigger eruptions.
    • Sample sites are located within recent quarry exposures, drainage and road cuttings.
    • While the broad gauge may have had some advantages, these were offset by its extra expense - wider tunnels, cuttings, bridges and embankments, and the extra land required.
    • The lines, characterised by deep cuttings, high embankments, tunnels and viaducts, were known by locomotive crews as the Alpine Route.
    • The numerous quarry, drain and road cuttings within the barriers have provided the opportunity to sample the best preserved sections from relatively deep, large-scale outcrops.
    • The arrangements shall be made in respect of all earthworks including excavations whether for pipe trenches, foundations or cuttings.
    • At the Qing Yin power station section, the lower half of the basalt sequence (six flows) is continuously exposed in a river course and adjacent road cuttings.
    • The track continues, very flat, between mature woodland and steep cuttings, with open views across the river at intervals.
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    Television Cinema Radio
    montaje masculine
    edición feminine


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    (tool/blade) cortante
    the cutting edge el filo
    • at the cutting edge of technology a la vanguardia de la tecnología
    • Don't let the small size of these blades fool you, they are serious cutting tools.
    • The beauty of Japanese blades and their legendary cutting ability has fostered much imitation.
    • He remembers putting nails on a railroad track so the train could forge them into flat blades that he could sharpen into some semblance of a cutting implement.
    • On the scale of such things, a cutting blade doesn't seem any more intrusive into the body that a tattoo needle.
    • All the cutting blades, including the ones on the various machines, were rusty and would most likely not pass any health inspection, save for one in hell.
    • It has a three-piece, reversible cutting blade to fill the 17-yd. bowl.
    • As the dust on the rim cuts, diamond dust whirs away from the cutting blade and continually replenishes rim dust.
    • Keep the cutting blade on the lower side. Cut at a 45 to 60 degree angle.
    • Hedge shears, like bypass pruners, also work like scissors; the cutting blade is beveled on the inside edge.
    • He also had a cutting blade on the edge behind the tip to cut the hole, and the steel projection parallel with the spigot shaft was sharpened on its edge to smooth the cut hole as it penetrated the wood.
    • Elsewhere in the city last Saturday, a double blade cutting machine and small drill were nicked from a van parked in Ballytruckle.
    • It will help the customer - and dealers - sharpen any type of cutting blade.
    • Another strategic find is a pair of brand-new ice skates, someone's Christmas gift via FedEx; he uses the blades as his ax, cutting tool and mirror.
    • The mid-sized and large examples also are marked the on the cutting blade and have just one patent date and no other number.
    • The dissector incorporates an electrically powered hand piece and single-use, disposable cutting blades and burrs.
    • A central passageway through the shaft transmits drilling fluid to fluid jets positioned near the blades and the cutting elements.
    • The machining head further comprises a pinion feed driving assembly and a universal cutting blade.
    • As wheels move simultaneously and always in the same plane the cutting point of the blade is always at the same point on the table line, regardless of angle.
    • The shape of the knife's handle fits the hand with great comfort, and its recurvate blade offers miles of cutting surface for ample slice.
    • This pattern indicates that a single method of manufacture was used to produce both end scrapers and blades used as cutting tools.
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    (wind) cortante
    • I walked towards the mall through the cutting wind.
    • The morning was cold and grey, with a cutting east wind.
    • There was snow in the gutters and a cutting wind.
    • It was a sparky, hectic kind of game, divided as games in Fraher Field often are by a cutting wind blowing in from the bay.
    • But, in spite of the bitter cold and the chill cutting wind, they turned their backs on me and stayed firmly in out of doors mode.
    • When the cold cutting morning winds blow across his face, he remembers a time when he too rode a bicycle almost literally to his death.
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    (remark) hiriente
    • Governments can't long survive these kinds of cutting remarks.
    • It's no longer the quiet voice of a caregiver, but the cutting reprimand of a jailer.
    • He's cantankerous, tough and ready with a cutting remark.
    • Fill in your own cutting comments; I'm not hitting the broad side of that barn.
    • Dad has been goading mom all day, making cutting remarks here and there about the Yankees.
    • There are the cutting remarks, the sarcasm, the mockery, the name calling and in some cases cursing.
    • Sometimes he just couldn't help putting in a cutting remark.
    • He looked like he was about to deliver a cutting reply, but he was interrupted by a loud growling noise.
    • There's a certain kind of supporter who thinks a cutting remark aimed at fans of the winning team will somehow bring them back to earth.
    • No, it's not a cutting criticism of the trainer but a hopeful pointer to a talented filly, who could be up to making a strong challenge for the Sagitta 1,000 Guineas in a fortnights' time.
    • I like it because of the cutting remarks of the writers.
    • He didn't show anything on his face, but I knew he was groping for a cutting response.
    • I was tempted to yell back from my room, but anything I said would have come out highly muffled and incoherent, although to my mind it would've been a cutting remark yelled at the top of my lungs.
    • He is to appear as a modern-day Narad, armed with gizmos to spew cutting comments.
    • First came a cutting comment, then a testy response, and suddenly it was on: La battle royale.
    • Then comes a small cutting remark that causes her personal crisis.
    • It was not a day for the ceremonial cutting of birthday cakes, but there was some cutting criticism of both the farmers and the minister on the airwaves.
    • I've always been hurt by his response, his lack of enthusiasm, his cutting remarks, and so I've stopped talking to him about my time there.
    • However, viewers may not see her cutting comment as she also gave an alternative answer to allow producers to edit out the remark.
    • One area the cutting remarks never seem to broach is the safety standards of the vehicles.