Translation of cyberbullying in Spanish:


ciberacoso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪbəˌbʊlɪɪŋ//ˌsaɪbərˈbʊliɪŋ/


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    ciberacoso masculine
    • With many teenagers using instant messaging, blogs and other websites to keep in contact, the threat of cyberbullying is rising, say experts.
    • Nationally we know that around 22 % of secondary school pupils have suffered cyberbullying, but until now we did not know younger age groups were also seriously affected.
    • As the levels of cyberbullying are increasing it is important to ensure that current anti-bullying strategies incorporate tactics to tackle this.
    • Large numbers of primary schoolchildren are becoming victims of cyberbullying, according to a survey.
    • Sometimes it is easier to engage in cyberbullying than more direct acts because the bully never faces the victim.
    • Denise was a victim of a growing Internet trend called cyberbullying.
    • Through our cyberbullying campaign we will continue the push to help stamp it out for good.
    • MySpace issued a statement saying it "does not tolerate cyberbullying" and was cooperating fully with the US attorney.
    • In Britain, authorities are equally concerned about the prospect of cyberbullying.
    • Missouri recently updated its laws against harassment to include cyberbullying.
    • How they are honoring the teen who took his own life after a tragic case of cyberbullying.
    • Police accused the boys of cyberbullying and said they will face charges next week at Newburyport District Court.
    • Schools, parents, young people and technology providers all need to work together to tackle cyberbullying.
    • There are several ways for people to report online crime such as illegal images, cyberbullying or fraud.
    • Her research has shown that parents are most worried by predators and children are most concerned by cyberbullying.
    • She is calling for state and federal leaders to push for more action against cyberbullying.
    • Parents were today urged to supervise their children's internet access as research revealed large numbers of primary school pupils are becoming victims of cyberbullying.
    • Your article about cyberbullying is a much-needed update for parents and schools on an increasingly epidemic problem.
    • With the influx of cyberbullying cases, school violence and all the underage drinking, does a school have the right to access to your child's Facebook or MySpace account?
    • The charity is increasingly concerned about cyberbullying, which involves persecution by email, mobile phones or on social networking websites.