Translation of cyberphobia in Spanish:


ciberfobia, n.

Pronunciation /sʌɪbəˈfəʊbɪə//ˌsaɪbərˈfoʊbiə/


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    ciberfobia feminine
    • For example, several have been coined in recent years to describe a terror of some newish examples of technology: computerphobia, cyberphobia, cybertechnophobia, telephobia and technophobia.
    • Which seemed to think that Internet access via TVs and mobile phones may get more people over their cyberphobia.
    • Unfortunately for Professor Lotter, it appears someone has already coined the term ‘cyberphobia’, meaning the fear of computers /Internet/technology.
    • No, it wasn't an attack of cyberphobia that led this 28-year veteran of The New York Times publishing empire to the much smaller world of PressPoint.