Translation of cycling in Spanish:


ciclismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪk(ə)lɪŋ//ˈsʌɪklɪŋ/


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    ciclismo masculine
    to go cycling salir en bicicleta
    • before noun cycling holiday/vacation vacaciones en bicicleta
    • The Australian team is admired very much in the world of cycling for its great team spirit.
    • He hopes to devote more time to hobbies including golf and cycling.
    • Athletics is one of the four sports featured at the World Cup: swimming, cycling and basketball are the other three.
    • USA Cycling is the national governing body for the sport of cycling in the United States.
    • The novel has the power to introduce the passion and complexity of the sport of cycling to a broader audience.
    • Road cycling has always had a dedicated following, with many attracted by the glamour of racing.
    • Technology impacts on many sports at the Olympics, not just swimming and cycling.
    • The secret is to start off gently and it might be best to think of cycling as a fun activity, rather than exhausting exercise.
    • Nearly everything about cycling is more interesting than casual observers assume.
    • It is inspiring to see him giving so much to the sport of cycling in her memory.
    • Without serious reform, cycling will have no future and the sport's golden moments will live only in glossy books.
    • She is into gymnasium work and cycling, which she enjoys on winter evenings, as well as diving and water sports.
    • He was fond of outdoor activities and enjoyed swimming, hill-walking and cycling.
    • Events such as swimming, golf, cricket, cycling and tennis will take place at other venues around the city.
    • Gentle cycling and swimming can also help relieve stiffness.
    • Road cycling is very tactical; you have to use your head just as much as you have to use your legs.
    • You've mentioned before that finances can be pretty tight in the sport of cycling.
    • In 5- to 9-year-olds, cycling is the major single activity, apart from playing, which results in injuries.
    • National Park centres are open seven days a week to provide information about walking, cycling and riding.
    • There will then be a packed day of activities including soccer, cricket, an orienteering course, cycling and athletics.